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Italian language course: Intermediate classes from January

Did you enjoy your last Italian language course with us? If you have reached the Intermediate level and are looking for your next Italian language course, you can restart very soon. Our new courses are starting from the 21st January! First of all, if you are not sure about what the intermediate level is, consider […]

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Italian Lessons For Beginners: Studying in South West London

Do you want to take your Italian lessons for Beginners in your area? If you don’t have time to travel and prefer to have Italian lessons for Beginners at your home, office or in a cosy public place, our teachers will be happy to come wherever you want! We understand that sometimes is hard to […]

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What Avere Le Braccine Corte Means In Italian

What do we mean with the Italian idiom “Avere le braccine corte”? This is a funny Italian idiom we do use a lot, but its meaning is not straightforward. As you know, idioms are a fascinating world to explore and help us express ourselves better. But, in order to use them right, we need to […]

Italian Articles

Video Tutorial: Italian Articles

Are you struggling with Italian Articles? Don’t worry, Italian Articles are a topic you need to digest before feeling confident with it. If you just studied them, you probably realised that in Italian there are far more articles than in English. Also, there are languages that don’t have articles at all! That is why you […]

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Italian Conversation Class Christmas Edition 8th December 2018

Looking for a cool class to learn the Italian language? If you want to learn the Italian language taking part in a great class, you can’t miss our FREE Conversation Class Christmas Edition on the 8th December. As you probably know, Christmas in Italy is a very important festivity. Families gather around a beautifully set table […]

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Learn Italian Language: A Great B1 Textbook

When you learn the Italian language it is very important to choose a good textbook. If you learn the Italian language at Happy Languages, we pay a lot of attention to the materials used during a course. Every time we start a course, either in a group or one-to-one, we consider which textbook is better […]

italian language course

Discover Our Italian Intermediate 2 Course

How is your Italian language course going? If you have reached the Intermediate level (B1 according to the Common European Framewok of Reference for languages) you should carefully choose your next Italian language course. Having studied around 105 hours, our Intermediate 2 course is what we would recommend. In terms of topics studied, at this […]

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Italian Lessons for Beginners: Great Materials to Use

Have you started your Italian lessons for Beginners? If you take Italian lessons for Beginners, the materials you use are very important. When you approach a new language there are some normal difficulties you go through. A different grammatical system, a huge vocabulary to learn, a totally new culture you need to know… That is […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Cogliere Le Mani Nel Sacco Means In Italian

How much do you love Italian Idioms? We do love Italian idioms, a lot. It is always nice to find out the cultural background they come from! At first it might be very complicated to understand their meaning as most of the time translating them word by word doesn’t help. However, once you get the […]

Italian lessons for Beginners

Italian Lessons: A Textbook for Beginners

Are you taking Italian lessons for Beginners in London? At Happy Languages, Italian lessons for Beginners are just amazing! All the materials chosen for Beginner students are carefully selected to help them learn quickly and motivate them. We believe that choosing the right textbook is essential: taking into account the students’ age, interests, personal motivation […]