Dogman: A Matteo Garrone’s Movie

If you are looking for a great Italian movie, you definitely have to watch Dogman! Dogman is a 2018 Italian crime movie directed by Matteo Garrone that competed for the Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival, where Marcello Fonte won the Best Actor award. The movie is inspired by a true story that took place […]

Italian TV Series

Discover Three Italian TV Series On Netflix

Looking for some good Italian TV series? If you want to watch Italian TV series, you can find something interesting on Netflix. Watching movies and TV series in the original language is always challenging but a great way to improve your Italian! If you believe that following the story and conversations is too difficult, choose […]


Suburra: A Top Italian TV Series

Suburra is a great Italian TV series to watch! First Italian TV series broadcasted by Netflix, Suburra: Blood On Rome includes two seasons. Inspired by the book written by Giancarlo Di Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, it followed a movie also based on the novel. What is it about? The story is the intriguing plot of […]

Gomorra Series

A Great Italian TV Series: Gomorra

Are you a Gomorra Series lover? The Gomorra Series includes 4 seasons and is inspired to the crime book Gomorra, written by Roberto Saviano. Since the first season Gomorra was a great success: the violent war between the camorra‘s clans is definitely very engaging. Even though the whole series is in Neapolitan dialect, its success […]

Italian cinema

Italian Cinema: A Great Movie

Watching some good Italian Cinema is always a good idea. Watching a movie in Italian is a great way to improve your language skills and learn more about the Italian culture and society. For all those who love the Italian Cinema, you can enjoy some great movies atย Cinema Italia UK. They offer two screenings per […]

inspector ricciardi

Inspector Ricciardi

If you are a crime lover, you will love Inspector Ricciardi! Inspector Ricciardi has an unusual story and a very special ability. What would you do if you discovered as a child that you could see the last moments and hear the last words of the victims of murders or accidents? Probably you would become […]