discover the Italian music festival Sanremo 2022

Sanremo Music Festival 2022

Are you waiting for Sanremo 2022? Sanremo 2022 is just around the corner: the 72nd edition of this amazing music festival is starting on the 1st February and taking place for 5 days, until the 5th February. Since it’s the most important music event in Italy, Italians are always excited about it! If you are […]

eurovision 2021 song contest

Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Did you enjoy Eurovision 2021? Eurovision 2021 took place in Rotterdam on 22nd May and was a terrific show as usual! The Eurovision Song Contest is an international music festival born in Lugano in 1956 to entertain and connect all the European countries. After last year cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year it […]

discover Festival di Sanremo 2021

Discover Festival Di Sanremo 2021

Ready for Sanremo 2021? The Festival di Sanremo 2021 is starting on the 2nd March for five amazing evenings of entertainment. As you might know, it’s the most important Italian music festival since 1951. If you want to read more about it, follow this link. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the event will […]

verona opera festival

The New Opera Season In Verona

Have you ever been to Verona Opera Festival? For all the opera lovers, Verona Opera Festival is a real landmark in Italy. It takes places in the most amazing location on Earth: the Arena in Verona. This beautiful Roman amphitheatre hosts this magic festival every year in summer. The first concert in the Arena took […]

Why Is Italian the Language of Music?

If you play an instrument or are familiar with music, you are likely to have heard of terms like tempo, crescendo, adagio or sonata. One thing these words have in common, apart from the fact that they belong to the semantic field of music, is their Italian origin. Have you ever wondered why Italian had such a powerful influence on […]

Peppe Voltarelli

A night with Peppe Voltarelli at Happy Languages

On April 6th, at the Aldgate Tower, in the City of London, Happy Languages hosted the concert of Peppe Voltarelli, a famous Italian songwriter from Calabria. It has been an exciting evening where music, interviews and stories found their right place and time. The lovely atmosphere of the Aldgate Tower where the language school Happy Languages has its […]


The Italian Singer Franco Battiato

Who knows something about Italian music and its most famous songwriters can surely recognise the voice of Franco Battiato, whose mystical and original songs has become a significant brick in the wall of the Italian music story. Francesco “Franco” Battiato was born on the 23rd March 1945 in Riposto, Sicily, and at the age of […]