Pastiera Napoletana

Make A Fantastic Italian Easter Cake: Pastiera Napoletana

The Pastiera Napoletana is the perfect Italian Easter cake! Coming from Napoli, the Pastiera Napoletana is a traditional cake you might have tasted during the Easter period. A well balanced cake made with a crumbly shortcrust pastry and a soft flavourful filling…really delicious! If you want to surprise your family this Easter, you can definitely […]

learn some new pasta names

Discover Italian Pasta Names

Learn some new pasta names and discover how we normally use some shapes to prepare perfect pasta dishes for your family and friends!

pasta patate e provola

Learn How To Make Pasta Patate e Provola

Have you ever had Pasta patate e provola in Italy? Pasta patate e provola is a mouthwatering Italian traditional dish! To be precise, it comes from the Neapolitan cuisine and is a typical comfort food. A creamy and tasty dish that you can prepare at home, perfect for the winter. Let’s see what you need […]

spaghetti alle vongole

A Classic Italian Recipe: Spaghetti Alle Vongole

Do you like Spaghetti alle vongole? Spaghetti alle vongole are a very popular Italian dish that you can make with few fresh ingredients. If you have enjoyed this amazing recipe many times, you have probably noticed that there are slightly different ways to make it. For example, you can make it with or without tomatoes, […]

parmigiana di melanzane

How To Make Parmigiana Di Melanzane

In love with the Parmigiana di Melanzane? The Parmigiana di Melanzane is a traditional and renowned Italian dish. As it is a must in many Italian regions, there are some slightly different versions. But where is the Parmigiana from? Even though there is a dispute between Sicily, Napoli and Parma, it seems that the Parmigiana […]

Risotto alla Milanese

A Traditional Italian Recipe: Risotto Alla Milanese

Preparing a good Risotto alla Milanese is really easy! If you have tried the Risotto alla Milanese and can’t live without anymore, it’s time to make it at home. This delicious Italian specialty is the most typical dish from Milano: an ancient recipe created in the 16th century which quickly became very popular. It would be […]


How To Make The Authentic Italian Caponata

Have you tried the Italian Caponata? Caponata is a traditional Sicilian side dish: simple ingredients mixed together for an amazing sweet and sour flavour. There are many slightly different recipes depending on the city where it is made. Every city in Sicily has its own version! Do you know where its name comes from? It […]

roman cuisine

Top Ten Roman Cuisine Best Dishes

One of the most ancient and popular Italian recipes come from the Roman cuisine. The Roman cuisine is the result of different influences, above all the Jewish one: after the expulsion from Spain in 1492, a huge number of Jewish people moved to Rome, where they started living in the ghetto. Mostly, the Roman Cuisine is […]

sicilian desserts

Top Ten Sicilian Desserts

Did you try our list of Sicilian recipes? If you did, now you know how you could prepare a traditional meal. If you want to respect the tradition, however, you have to know that you cannot complete a lunch or a dinner without something sweet. In Sicilian patisserie there are some common ingredients like ricotta, […]