let's learn some basic Italian words

50 Basic Italian Words To Learn

Ready to learn some basic Italian words? If you are planning a holiday in Italy or travelling for work, learning some basic Italian words is very useful to be able to communicate in daily situations where you might need to use the Italian language. Besides, showing a little knowledge of the language would be much […]

learn more about the history of the Italian language and dialects

The History Of The Italian Language And Dialects

What do you know about the history of the Italian language and dialects? The history of the Italian language and dialects is quite a long one. The modern Italian language and current dialects went through a number of changes and evolved over the time due to many factors. As you might know, the Italian language […]

Italian sayings about happiness to read

Let’s Learn Some Italian Sayings About Happiness

Have you ever heard some Italian sayings about happiness? There are a lot of famous Italian sayings about happiness that Italians use very often. Either written by Italian authors or translated from another language, these phrases are quite common and you can hear them while listening to the radio, watching the television or you can […]

let's learn some beautiful Italian phrases

Let’s Learn Some Beautiful Italian Phrases

Happy to learn some beautiful Italian phrases? If you want to go through beautiful Italian phrases to learn and use when speaking Italian, you will be happy to know that we have selected some for you! Either if you are looking for a phrase to impress someone or if you just enjoy the Italian language […]

read some nice Italian phrases about love

Italian Phrases About Love

Do you want to learn some Italian phrases about love? There are many popular Italian phrases about love to send to your partner or share with people you love: some are just general phrases to express your love and affection, others are written by Italian authors and then there are some that have been translated […]

read some Italian phrases about life

Let’s Learn Some Italian Phrases About Life

Do you know any Italian phrases about life? There are quite a lot of nice Italian phrases about life that you might have found and liked: lovely inspirational quotes taken from the popular wisdom or written by great authors, actors, poets or film directors. Most phrases are very well known in English and in other […]

how to say beautiful in Italian

How To Say Beautiful In Italian

Are you wondering how to say beautiful in Italian? There are many ways to say beautiful in Italian, depending on the situation and on what you want to express. Learning different words is important to have a good vocabulary to use when necessary. It also makes the conversation more natural, as natives normally use many […]

learn the word salute in Italian

What Salute Means In Italian

Have you heard the word “salute” in Italian? Salute in Italian is a common word that you might have heard in different situations, especially when you go out with your Italian friends or you celebrate something with your family: when we toast, the word that we say is “salute!”. Also, you can hear “alla salute”, […]

how to say I love you in Italian

How To Say I Love You In Italian

Have you ever said I love you in Italian? If you have an Italian partner you probably know how to say I love you in Italian, or you might have heard this expression watching a movie. However, it’s important to distinguish between two ways of saying that, as they are used in different situations. Basically, […]

how to say goodbye in Italian

How To Say Goodbye In Italian

Let’s learn how to say goodbye in Italian! There are many ways to say goodbye in Italian depending on the situation and it’s worth learning all of them to be able to use the right expression. One of the differences between expression is the level of formality required: for example, in Italian we use a […]

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