Al dente

A Fantastic Deal With Al Dente

How can you get Italian classes with less fees? At Happy Languages we offer Italian classes with less fees through a number of great deals. Did you know that? All our students have their Happy Languages Member Card, which gives the chance to save money in many shops and restaurants around London. We believe that […]

Tuscan Wine

Tuscan Wine

Tuscan wine is definitely among the best wines in Italy. If you have already tried Tuscan wine, you know what we mean. Tuscany is one of the most popular wine destinations and produces more than 70 DOCG wines (Controlled designation of origin guaranteed). Even though the Chianti is probably the most common and popular, Tuscany […]


Piemonte: A Wine Region

Have you ever visited Piemonte? Piemonte is a famous Italian wine region where some of the best wines are produced. Situated in the North West of Italy, it is a big and wealthy region. Torino is its county seat, famous for its role after the unification of Italy as it was the first Italian capital. […]

Italian destinations september

The Best Italian Destinations in September 2019

The best Italian destinations in September will surprise you! If you are wondering about the best Italian destinations in September, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of amazing places to visit. In September the weather is still lovely and the temperatures are milder than the previous couple of months. So […]


Discover the Traditional Italian “Vendemmia”

The “vendemmia” (grape harvest) is an ancient Italian tradition: it was an important event not only for the wine production but also as a ritual which involved whole families. Nowadays everything is carried out using specific machineries, but in the past the harvest was totally manual. Let’s go back to that more fascinating times! The season for the […]

chianti region

The Chianti Region

Ready to discover the Chianti region? The Chianti region is one of the most famous place in Italy for the D.O.C.G. wine produced in the area. It is situated between the cities of Firenze, Siena and Arezzo, in Toscana. The urbanization of the area started with the Etruscan empire, that also introduced the vineyard plantation. During the Middle Ages the […]