some reasons why learn a foreign language is important

Why Learn A Foreign Language

Why learn a foreign language? There are many different answers to this question: if you are wondering why learn a foreign language you will find many reasons to start a language journey, all equally important. Everyone has a specific motivation to start studying a foreign language, which can be related to personal or work life. […]

our deal with Delfin English School

Discover Our Lovely Deal With Delfin English School

Delfin English School is the perfect place to improve your English! Delfin English School is a lovely school in Dublin where you can find all the courses you need to learn English in a fun environment, becoming a real “Delfiner”! They offer a variety of general English classes to help you find the perfect combination. […]

useful tips for your new year language resolution

Your New Year Language Learning Resolutions: 5 Tips To Succeed

As 2022 has just started, what’s your new year language resolution? If you are passionate about languages, we bet your new year language resolution is already set! A lot of people start the year with clear language goals to be pursued month after month. Obviously motivations can vary quite a lot, so it’s important to […]

summer bank holiday 2020

Summer Bank Holiday 2020: Best Things To Do

How are you going to spend the summer Bank Holiday 2020 on the 31st August? Despite the Covid-19 emergency, there are many lovely safe things to do for a nice summer Bank Holiday 2020 in London. Obviously you have to expect a number of safety measures in place, all crucial to enjoy your day and […]

online language learning

How To Use Zoom For Language Learning

Have you ever used an online language learning platform? Due to the current situation, most students have experienced some online language learning. In our experience, the first important step to take is choosing the right platform. Nowadays there is a wide offer of platforms and tools to make online lessons work perfectly. This means that […]

language school london

HAPPYforward: Step 4

Looking for a language school in London? Happy Languages is an Italian and Spanish language school in London perfect for any needs. After four amazing years in our beautiful office at the Aldgate Tower, it’s time for a change! That’s why from September we will move to a new fantastic location,Β a few minutes walking from […]

language course happy languages london

HAPPYforward: Step 2

Are you enjoying your language course at Happy Languages in London? If you are attending a language course at Happy Languages in London or you are about to start, there are amazing news! As you know, in the last four years we have been in an amazing office that we have enjoyed a lot. But […]

what a bad lesson means

How Can I Know If a Lesson Was a Bad Lesson?

What makes a lesson a bad lesson? A few days ago a teacher asked on a forum how do we know if a lesson is a good or a bad lesson. That’s the typical question we ask each other at the end of the day when we compare our lesson’s content, the material we used, […]