Our happy summer tour in 20214

Happy Summer Tour 2014

…and here we are! The Happy Summer Tour Video! Our Happy Summer Tour in 2014 was a fantastic opportunity to travel around Italy: a great experience in Bologna, Roma and Morano, where we did “Le Parole sono Importanti”, a workshop for Italian teachers. Going around different cities and meeting all the teachers who took part […]

learning teaching with comics

Learning and Teaching With Comics

Have you ever tried learning and teaching with comics? Learning and teaching with comics become fun and engaging. Comics have always been perceived as a minor art, relegated to an audience of children; it has reached its fullest maturity only in the last mid century, has freed himself of the adjective โ€œchildhoodโ€ achieving the โ€œadult […]

social networks and languages

How to Use Social Networks in Teaching

Social networks are increasingly becoming an important and powerful mean of mass communication. The use of social networks allows free circulation of ideas and information at all levels. A phenomenon whose potential and perspective are constantly expanding and updating, and whose characteristic feature is a structure based on participation and collaboration between users. The presence […]