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Discover Some Italian Easter Vocabulary

Have you found some Easter vocabulary during your Italian language course? Easter is one of the main topics in these days, so you might have already studied some related words in your Italian language course. However, there is a niceΒ Easter vocabulary to discover: so many typical Easter traditions, customs and food to learn! In Italy […]

Carnevale DI Venezia

Carnevale Di Venezia : A Feast For The Eyes

Heading to Italy to celebrate the Carnevale di Venezia? The Carnevale di Venezia is a very ancient tradition: the first evidence is dated back to the 11th century, whilst it is mentioned in the first official document in 1296 A.D. The Doge and the Venetian oligarchies encouraged the Carnival celebrations to allow the lower classes […]

learn more on how to learn to speak Italian fast

Tips To Learn Italian Fast

Discover how to learn to speak Italian fast: some useful tips to understand how to approach the language learning and reach your goals.

Italian learning is a great New Year Resolution

New Year’s Resolution For Your Italian

Are you starting your Italian learning experience? Your Italian learning journey is about to start and it’s important to think about your New Year’s Resolution. Learning a language is a fantastic choice, but we need to make it the most effective possible! The first step to take is committing to regular classes: either group lessons […]

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Online Italian Courses – Week 10

How is your Italian language class going? At Happy Languages every Italian language class is now online! We moved all the classes to the online platform Zoom before the lockdown due to the Covid-19 started to protect our students and teachers. And we just went through our 10th week online! It feels like a long […]

Carnival 2020 Italy

What To Do For Carnival 2020 In Italy

Ready to celebrate Carnival 2020 in Italy? Carnival 2020 in Italy offers amazing events to enjoy the atmosphere and discover lovely traditions. Apart from the most famous events, there are loads of traditional celebrations around Italy to discover this year! Let’s see some lovely celebrations for 2020! Milano. The Carnevale Ambrosiano dei Ragazzi in Milan […]

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Travel Classes: Why Learning Italian In Italy

Have you considered spending some time in Italy to learn the Italian language? If you want to learn the Italian language, a trip to Italy is always ideal! There are a number of great options to enjoy some time in one of your favourite places in Italy while studying the language. Most schools in Italy […]

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Start Your Italian Intermediate 3 Course

Do you want to learn the Italian language at Intermediate level? If you are looking for a course to learn the Italian language, have a look at our offer! We have three courses at Intermediate level starting from the last week of January. We split this level (which is called B1 in the Common European […]

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Discover Our Italian Elementary 3 Course From January

Do you want to learn the Italian language in London at Elementary level? You can learn the Italian language at Happy Languages from the last week of January. After the Christmas break, we will be back with all our evening courses. You can choose the course which suits you the best and ask us advice […]

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HAPPYforward: Step 1

Happy Languages in London is a great place to learn languages having fun! And there are some amazing news at Happy Languages in London you will love! Since 2013 we have been growing fast and gone through some big challenges. In the last 4 years we have been in an amazing location, the Aldgate Tower, […]