let's learn some basic Italian words

50 Basic Italian Words To Learn

Ready to learn some basic Italian words? If you are planning a holiday in Italy or travelling for work, learning some basic Italian words is very useful to be able to communicate in daily situations where you might need to use the Italian language. Besides, showing a little knowledge of the language would be much […]

learn some Italian food words

Italian Food Words: How To Order At Italian Restaurants

Learning some Italian food words is really useful! If you have started learning the language and are planning a lovely holiday in Italy, adding some Italian food words to your vocabulary will make you able to order at restaurants without problems. This simple activity will give you the chance to improve your language and interact […]

on the 2nd June in Italy they celebrate La festa della Repubblica

Festa della Repubblica: Let’s Celebrate The Italian Republic

Do you understand what Festa della Repubblica means? The Festa della Repubblica is an important Italian national holiday celebrated on the 2nd June. It was estabilished to remember the birth of the Italian Republic. The 2nd June has not been chosen by chance: it is the date of the national referendum which took place in […]

Pastiera Napoletana

Make A Fantastic Italian Easter Cake: Pastiera Napoletana

The Pastiera Napoletana is the perfect Italian Easter cake! Coming from Napoli, the Pastiera Napoletana is a traditional cake you might have tasted during the Easter period. A well balanced cake made with a crumbly shortcrust pastry and a soft flavourful filling…really delicious! If you want to surprise your family this Easter, you can definitely […]

learn more about the history of the Italian language and dialects

The History Of The Italian Language And Dialects

What do you know about the history of the Italian language and dialects? The history of the Italian language and dialects is quite a long one. The modern Italian language and current dialects went through a number of changes and evolved over the time due to many factors. As you might know, the Italian language […]

italian language course

Discover Some Italian Easter Vocabulary

Have you found some Easter vocabulary during your Italian language course? Easter is one of the main topics in these days, so you might have already studied some related words in your Italian language course. However, there is a nice Easter vocabulary to discover: so many typical Easter traditions, customs and food to learn! In Italy […]

discover the tradition of San Giuseppe in Italy

San Giuseppe: Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day In Italy

Are you going to celebrate San Giuseppe this year? On the 19th March in Italy people celebrate San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph), who was the Virgin Mary’s spouse. This festivity is very ancient: apparently it was firstly celebrated around 1030 A.D. In many Catholic countries, that day is also father’s day (festa del papà). Italy is […]

Italian sayings about happiness to read

Let’s Learn Some Italian Sayings About Happiness

Have you ever heard some Italian sayings about happiness? There are a lot of famous Italian sayings about happiness that Italians use very often. Either written by Italian authors or translated from another language, these phrases are quite common and you can hear them while listening to the radio, watching the television or you can […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Mettere Troppa Carne Sul Fuoco Means In Italian

In Italian we use the idiom “mettere troppa carne sul fuoco” a lot! “Mettere troppa carne sul fuoco” is one of the several idioms with food: since the language reflects the culture of the country where it is spoken, in Italian you can find many expressions with food because it is an essential component of […]

Italian lessons for beginners

Let’s Learn Some Carnival Words In Italian

This time of the years all the Italian lessons for beginners refer to Carnival somehow! So if you are taking Italian lessons for beginners it might happen to come across nice simple words related to this important celebration. In Italy, many cities celebrate Carnival amazingly: colourful floats, masks, traditional costumes and much more. You can […]