An Intriguing Spanish Easter Tradition

An Intriguing Spanish Easter Tradition

Learning Spanish for Beginners means discovering lovely customs and traditions! In this period of the year, while learning Spanish for Beginners students study many things about Easter (Pascua). It is nice to learn some useful vocabulary and some nice customs to better understand how people live this important festivity. Going through the main celebrations it is possible […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Let’s Start Learning Spanish From January

Do you want to take long term Spanish classes in London from January? After the Christmas break, long term Spanish classes in London will restart from the last week of January. If you are looking for a Beginner course to start from scratch, our Beginner 1 will start from the 28th January. Being a long […]

Short term Spanish classes in London

Discover Our September Spanish Crash Course

Curious about our short term Spanish classes in London? We often hold Short term Spanish classes in London! Next weekend there is something that might be of interest to you: our Spanish Crash Course. It’s a very intensive course for Total Beginner students that lasts for 8 hours only, 4 on Saturday and 4 on […]

Spanish course in less amount

Spanish Beginner Course: How To Save Money

Looking for a Spanish Course in less amount? At Happy Languages we do offer a Beginner 1 Spanish Course in less amount. We are keen to meet our students’ expectations. This is why our prices are always kept low and incredibly competitive on the London market. If you enrol in a Beginner 1 Spanish Evening […]

asking questions in spanish

Video Tutorial : Asking Questions In Spanish

Asking questions in Spanish is essential for the everyday conversation. As in other languages, asking questions in Spanish is different from English. So it is important to learn how to ask questions and have a look at the structure of the sentence. First of all, some words to start a question are really important! Watching […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Discover Our Spanish Beginner Course From September

Long term Spanish classes in London are the perfect choice to learn Spanish. If you are looking for long term Spanish classes in London from September, we are plenty of courses! From the 23rd September our new term will start. So either if you are resume after the summer break or you are totally new […]

good quality Spanish classes

Let’s Cook A Great Pulpo A La Gallega

What do you expect from good quality Spanish classes? We believe that good quality Spanish classes should provide many opportunites to practice. And above all, learning Spanish should be good fun! That is why learning how to cook a typical Spanish recipe could be very motivating. So have you ever tasted the authentic pulpo a […]

some spanish vocabulary

Video Tutorial: Some Spanish Vocabulary

Do you enjoy learning some Spanish vocabulary? During your Spanish language course, it is always good to study some Spanish vocabulary. Sometimes it might be difficult to figure out how to expand your vocabulary and learn new words. Where shall you start from? Well, the best way to focus on vocabulary is trying to learn […]