Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain: Discover Some Lovely Traditions

Do you know anything about Christmas in Spain? If you are going to celebrate Christmas in Spain, you will spend an amazing time. As in many other countries, in Spain Christmas is a fantastic period of the year. So how do Spanish celebrate? Well, first of all you have to be aware that Christmas starts […]

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Discover our Spanish Christmas Vouchers

Are you thinking of a Christmas gift for a friend who wants to learn Spanish in London? If your partner or a friend wants to learn Spanish in London, one of our Christmas vouchers would be much appreciated! Such a specific interest can really help you choose a great gift this year: sometimes is very […]

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Online Spanish Classes – Week 7

Are you learning Spanish in London? You might think that learning Spanish in London during the lockdown is complicated. However, the Coronavirus emergency opened new doors and offered new solutions to keep learning. At Happy Languages, our 7th week online was fantastic! Students are now accustomed to this new mode and enjoy their classes as […]

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Get Ready For Spanish DELE C2 Preparation

Looking for a Spanish tutor in London to prepare your DELE C2 exam? Planning some lessons with a Spanish tutor in London is definitely the best idea to prepare your DELE C2 exam. As you probably know, C2 is the highest level of competence in a foreign language. It is considered as “mastery” and is […]

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How To Get Ready For Spanish DELE B1 Exam

If you want to take the Spanish DELE B1 certification, taking Spanish tuitions in London is a great choice! Spanish tuitions in London can be easily arranged and tailored on your needs. That is why we strongly suggest to choose this option when it comes to preparing a specific exam. Group courses are definitely useful […]

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How To Prepare The Spanish DELE A2 Exam

What Spanish Evening Classes would be good to reach the A2 level? If you want to get ready for an exam but you are very busy at work, the first step is taking Spanish evening classes. Before starting a specific exam’s preparation, the best thing to do is covering all the contents and reach the […]

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Which Type Of Spanish One-To-One Lessons Should You Take?

Interested in taking Spanish tuitions in London? We offer different types of Spanish tuitions in London depending on your needs. You can choose one-to-one or intensive one-to-one lessons. What is the difference between them? One-to-one lessons are individual classes of 60, 90 or 120 minutes that you can buy in blocks of 5, 10 or […]

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Why Learning Spanish Is A Great New Year’s Resolution

Do you want to learn Spanish in London? If your wish to learn Spanish in London, we believe that it can be your New Year’s Resolution. There are a number of reasons why you should take it into consideration. Apart from the interest that you have in the Spanish language, your goal can be really […]

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What Ponerse Como Un Tomate Means In Spanish

Ponerse como un tomate is a lovely Spanish idiom to learn! Have you ever heard someone using the expression “ponerse como un tomate”? We found Spanish idioms always very nice and effective, so we believe it is important to learn some of the most common to be able to interact in a very spontaneous way […]

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Discover Our Spanish Upper Intermediate 1 Course

Our Spanish language courses in London will be back very soon! At Happy Languages we will restart our Spanish language courses in London from the 27th January. All our courses will be held in our lovely venue at David Game College, a few steps from Aldgate station. How can you choose the right course? In […]