spanish false friends

Spanish False Friends

Have you ever come across Spanish false friends? Spanish false friends are Spanish words that look very similar to English words, but have a totally different meaning. If you are studying Spanish you have definitely noticed some of them! It is very common to use a word because of its similarity with your mother tongue…and […]

spanish language course

Spanish Language Course: a Textbook for A1 and A2 Levels

A good Spanish language course has to be based on great materials. This is why at Happy Languages we do care about what materials student use in order to reach their goals. There are many fantastic textbooks on the market, do you know Gente hoy 1? Published by Difusión, Gente hoy is a very well structured […]

spanish idiom

What Temblar Como Un Flan Means In Spanish

Which Spanish Idiom do you prefer? We bet there is a Spanish Idiom you love and use as much as possible! Spanish idiomatic expressions are always very meaningful and perfectly convey an idea which is difficult to express in a different way. Well…it is possible to try, but the result is never satisfying. Besides, if […]

spanish gin workshop

Spanish Gin Workshop 7th November 2018

Are you a gin person? Join our Spanish Gin Workshop on the 7th November from 6.30pm to learn more about 3 amazing Spanish gins and to taste them all with the perfect tonic water and garnishes. You will also have the chance to take lovely quiz about gin and win great prizes! The gins that you will […]

spanish language classes in london

Spanish Language Classes: Intermediate 2

If you are enjoying your Spanish language classes in London at Happy Languages, why don’t you move to the next level? Once you complete your Intermediate 1 Spanish language classes in London at Happy Languages, there is the perfect continuation for you: the Intermediate 2 course. At this stage you should have studied for around […]

sierra nevada

Sierra Nevada: Discover The Spanish Highest Peaks

If you want to discover a fascinating winter destination in Spain, Sierra Nevada is on top of the list! Situated in Andalucia, not far from Granada, Málaga and Almería, Sierra Nevada includes the highest peaks in Spain, second in Europe after the Alps. The Mulhacén is the highest peak, with its 3.482 metres. This area is also a famous Protected […]

introducing yourself in spanish

Spanish Video Tutorial: Introducing yourself

If you have just started your course, introducing yourself in Spanish is a big challenge! Introducing yourself in Spanish might seem very complicated at the beginning: there are quite a lot of things to know in order to make it work. If you are learning Spanish in London at Happy Languages, learning how to introduce […]

study spanish in london

Study Spanish In London: A Book For A1 and A2 Students

If you study Spanish in London at Happy Languages, you use various great materials to progress. When you study Spanish in London at a A1 and A2 level, one of the texbooks you might use at Happy Languages is called ¡Nos vemos! The first reason why teachers love it is that is a very enjoyable book. […]

spanish tuition london

Spanish One-To-One Lessons: Materials

When you look for Spanish tuition in London, Happy Languages offers you a very wide choice! If you are browsing Spanish tuition in London there are many aspects to consider: above all, the materials used during the lessons. Each teacher can choose different materials depending on his preferences and the student’s needs. If you have […]


Spanish Winter Destination: Discover Baqueira-Beret

If you are looking for a nice winter destination in Spain, Baqueira-Beret is one of the best. Do you know it? Baqueira-Beret is a lovely destination for all the mountain lovers: you can find a fine ski resort in the heart of the Pirenees, which occupies the highest part of the Aran Valley and Àneu Valley. […]