Learn Spanish in London

Spanish Beginner 2 Course: What Will You Learn?

Do you want to learn Spanish in London and move to the next level? If you want to learn Spanish in London and you already studied the basics, our Evening Beginner 2 Course is the perfect one for you! This level is exactly what you need after the foundations: a course to revise and practice […]

ask for directions in spanish

Video Tutorial: How To Ask For Directions In Spanish

Are you ready for your holiday in Spain? Well, you will definitely need to know how to ask for directions in Spanish then! Watch this useful video tutorial to learn some questions and expressions and you won’t get lost! If you have any questions, comment this post.       

learn spanish language course tuition in london

Learn Spanish Language Course Tuition in London

Are you looking for the best option to start learning Spanish Language Course Tuition in London? Choosing the right course is essential to enjoy the time spent studying and practicing Spanish: having fun is definitely one of the key factors to learn quickly! Happy Languages offers a range of courses at all the levels and […]

listening skills

How to Improve your Listening Skills in Spanish

Working on your listening skills in Spanish? If you are trying to improve your listening skills in Spanish, probably people keep suggesting you to listen something every day. But what can you listen without getting bored? You are quite lucky! There is a huge number of online resources, let’s go through and see how you […]



Galicia is an indipendent area in the North of Spain. Galicia is bordered to the North by the Cantabrico sea, to the West by the Atlantic ocean, to the South by Portugal  and to the East by the indipendent areas of “Asturias” and “Castilla y Leon“. This area is divided in 4 regions: La Coruña ( A Coruña in gallego […]


Discover Andalusia

You have probably heard about Madrid, capital of the movida, with its majestic and colourful squares and streets; you know everything about Barcelona, the postmodern city where lots of artists live and where you can both climb a mountain and go to the beach. We will then talk about a particular region, Andalucía, which is […]

spanish tapas

Spanish Tapas

Let ‘s practice Spanish! Discover a new language, Meet new people, Have fun. We are proud to announce our second Spanish Tapas night at Camino. Taste some authentic Spanish Tapas and delicious Spanish wine and, of course,  practice your language skills! Come along and join us,  info@happylanguages.co.uk To book your place just follow this link […]