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HAPPYforward: Step 1

Happy Languages in London is a great place to learn languages having fun! And there are some amazing news at Happy Languages in London you will love! Since 2013 we have been growing fast and gone through some big challenges. In the last 4 years we have been in an amazing location, the Aldgate Tower, […]

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Spanish Conversation Class

Taking Spanish Tuition in London to improve your language skills? Choosing Spanish tuition in London is the best way to study the language and progress quickly. But what if you look for Spanish Tuition in London to practice your conversation skills? Even though you already study Spanish, sometimes is difficult to find occasions to speak […]

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What Ser Como Buscar Una Aguja En Un Pajar Means In Spanish

Wondering what “Ser como buscar una aguja en un pajar” means in Spanish? “Ser como buscar una aguja en un pajar” is a very common Spanish idiomatic expression. As it is quite popular in other languages as well, you probably use it already! In fact, sometimes idioms are exactly the same or very similar in […]

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Discover Our Spanish Vouchers

If you have a friend who wants to learn Spanish in London, why don’t you surprise him with a special gift? A great gift to learn Spanish in London is definitely one of our vouchers! It would be great for a birthday or any other occasion to avoid the same old gifts. Learning a language […]