have a look at 7 tips to learn Spanish fast

7 Tips To learn Spanish Fast

Have a look at our 7 tips to learn Spanish fast! If you want to learn Spanish or have already started and are wondering how to speed up the learning process a bit, our 7 tips to learn Spanish fast will help you understand how to approach this fantastic experience. Studying a new language is […]

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How Similar Is Spanish To Italian? Here Are The Main Differences

How similar is Spanish to Italian? This is a very common question among language learners who are about to start learning one of those languages and have already studied the other in the past: understanding what Italian and Spanish have in common can help approach them correctly and consider what to expect in terms of […]

spanish language history speakers and dialects

Spanish Language: History, Speakers And Dialects

Can you guess how many people speak the Spanish language around the world? Nowadays the Spanish language is spoken by more than 500 million people and this number is still increasing, not only in countries where it is the official language but also elsewhere. Worldwide, it’s the fourth most spoken language! The history of the […]

20 basic Spanish words and phrases to know for beginner students

20 Basic Spanish Words And Phrases To Know

Have you just started learning the language and are looking for basic Spanish words and phrases to know? In this article we will go through 20 basic Spanish words and phrases to know for beginners: very useful chunks that you might need to use when you travel to a Spanish speaking country or meet natives […]

spanish for beginners

Let’s Learn Some Spanish Easter Words

Learning Spanish for Beginners is really fun! If you study Spanish for Beginners and are enjoying your lessons, you will be happy to expand your vocabulary. In this period of the year, Easter is the most important event in Spain. People do celebrate this religious festivity all the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, the […]

some inspirational quotes in Spanish to learn

Discover Amazing Inspirational Quotes In Spanish

Are you happy to learn some inspirational quotes in Spanish? There are many positive, inspirational quotes in Spanish that you will love! As people in the Spanish speaking countries are normally quite optimistic, these phrases are commonly used in conversation. The language and the expressions used reflect pretty much the culture of the country…and in […]

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Why Is Carnival In Spain Celebrated

Wondering why is Carnival in Spain celebrated? If you don’t know why is Carnival in Spain celebrated, you will enjoy the history that led us to the modern celebrations. As in other countries, Carnival is the period just before Lent: a time of the year when all the excesses are tolerated as after that, during […]

famous Spanish phrases to learn

Discover Some Famous Spanish Phrases

There are loads of lovely famous Spanish phrases! If you are learning Spanish and trying to practise as much as possible, you might have come across amazing phrases reading a book or watching a movie: many famous authors and film directors have become even more famous because of some quotes taken from their major works, […]

spanish idiom

What No Entender Ni Papa Means In Spanish

When can we use the Spanish idiom “no entender ni papa”? If you have already heard the expression “no entender ni papa” you might have an idea of the meaning: it is one of the several idioms with food that are extremely common in Spanish. However, using food in idiomatic expressions sometimes means saying something […]

Basic Spanish phrases to learn

Let’s Learn Some Basic Spanish Phrases

Ready to learn some useful basic Spanish phrases? Learning some basic phrases can be useful to start approaching the language and be able to speak a little Spanish when travelling. If you are wondering where to start from, normally the first things to say in a foreign language are all those questions and information for […]