how to celebrate valentine's day 2021

Best Things To Do For Valentine’s Day 2021

How are you planning to you spend Valentine’s Day 2021? Valentine’s Day 2021 will be different from the past years: due to the Covid-19 pandemic we won’t be able to eat out or do some social activities. However, there is still much to do at home and your half will be very happy to celebrate […]

Top 5 Spa In London

Discover Our Top 5 Spa In London

If you want to have a relaxing time, discover our Top 5 Spa in London! Our Top 5 Spa in London are a great choice to escape the chaos of the city and enjoy amazing atmospheres and fantastic treatments. Starting again after the Christmas break might be quite tough, especially if you are overloaded with […]

italian fashion

Italian Fashion

In love with Italian fashion? Italy is probably the most fashion-obsessed country in all Europe, if not even all around the world and the Italian fashion is incredibly popular. Everybody is very focused on clothes, shoes and accessories. They must be the right ones according to different occasions, places and even moods. If Eve were […]

find out more about coffee and stereotypes

Coffee and Stereotypes in Italy

What’s the relation between coffee and stereotypes in Italy? If we talk about coffee and stereotypes, the first thing that comes to our mind is that “Italians can’t live without coffee!”. As a matter of fact… That is totally true! But how many different types are there? Those who have been in Italy at least […]