inspector montalbano il metodo catalanotti

Inspector Montalbano: “Il Metodo Catalanotti”

Have you already watched the last episode of Inspector Montalbano? Inspector Montalbano is definitely one of the most famous fictional characters in Italy, created by Andrea Camilleri. Thanks to the masterful TV serie directed by Alberto Sironi, Montalbano became incredibly popular in Italy and abroad. If you want to read more about this TV serie […]

italian language course

Italian Language in Inspector Montalbano

Are you attending an Italian language course? During your Italian language course, trying to watch Italian TV series and movies is a great idea to be exposed to the Italian language and culture. Inspector Montalbano is a great Italian TV serie, based on the books written by Andrea Camilleri. Every story is incredibly captivating and […]


Why English People love Montalbano

A beautiful house in front of the sea, a warm sun heating the sand of the beach, the regular sound of the waves crashing onto the seashore, the smell of fresh fish just roasted and the wonderful view of a Sicilian village… In such a paradise you would never think about any trouble and the […]