How To Make The Authentic Italian Caponata

Have you tried the Italian Caponata? Caponata is a traditional Sicilian side dish: simple ingredients mixed together for an amazing sweet and sour flavour. There are many slightly different recipes depending on the city where it is made. Every city in Sicily has its own version! Do you know where its name comes from? It […]

Pasta alla Norma

Let’s Make Pasta alla Norma

Have you tried Pasta alla Norma and can’t live without anymore? The Pasta alla Norma is a delicious Italian recipe from Sicily. It was invented in Catania and quickly spread across the island. What does “alla Norma” mean? The legend tells that the comedy writer Nino Martoglio, after tasting this dish, said: “This is a […]

sicilian recipes

Top 10 Sicilian Recipes

Sicilian cuisine is well known all around the world not only because is part of the Italian tradition but also because it well represents the Mediterranean typical ingredients and diet. The traditional Sicilian recipes are based on an extraordinary variety of ingredients, even though some of them recur very often. Olive oil is one of the most used (as well as […]