Top 5 places to visit in Sardegna

Dreaming of Sardegna? A pearl in the heart of the Mediterranean sea: Sardegna is a multifaceted island where you can find an incredibly beautiful nature, the remains of an ancient, enchanting culture and a lot of fun! It is really difficult to make a list of things to see as the whole region is worth a […]



Dreaming about a holiday in Salento? Salento is in a beautiful southern region between two seas called Puglia. If you cut this region starting from Taranto and continuing straight to Ostuni, what is left on the right side is the Salento peninsula. This fascinating area in a strategic position has been sacked and conquered by Greeks, Romans, […]

Ten places to visit in Calabria

Ten Places to Visit in Calabria

Have you got any plans for this summer? What do you think about making an alternative tour and visit Calabria? If you want to visit Calabria, here you have 10 amazing places to choose. Let’s start the tour! 1) Morano. If you want to lose your way in the labyrinth of its alleys to reach the […]