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Hache: A Spanish Netflix Series

Have you already watched the Spanish TV series Hache on Netflix? The TV series Hache includes two seasons and 14 episodes in total. It’s set in the 60s in Barcelona and the drug trafficking story will make you hold your breath until the end! If you want to improve your Spanish, watching it is a […]

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Discover Our Top 5 Web Series In Spanish

Looking for nice web series in Spanish to watch? If you want to improve your language watching some good web series in Spanish, Netflix offers quite a lot of nice options! Watching movies and series in the original language is really beneficial. If you don’t feel very confident you can choose subtitles in your native […]

La Casa De Papel

La Casa De Papel: A Top Spanish TV Series

Have you already watched La Casa De Papel? La Casa De Papel is an incredibly popular Spanish TV Series, known in English as “Money Heist”. Since its first season in 2017 it became a must-see. The following two seasons have confirmed the great success of the first one and the fourth season is expected for […]

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Antonio Banderas: A Great Spanish Actor

Why don’t you watch some Spanish movies while you study Spanish in London? If you study Spanish in London, choosing some good movies to watch in Spanish can be fun! Even though following a movie in a foreign language is very complicated, subtitles do help a lot. And if you feel quite confident, you can […]

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A Spanish International Star: Penélope Cruz

Do you want to practice what you learn in your Spanish language course? Normally people who attend a Spanish language course are very keen on finding nice ways to improve their skills. If you like the Spanish cinema or are curious to discover it, one of the most famous representatives is definitely Penélope Cruz. We […]

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Spanish Cinema

How much do you know about the Spanish cinema? During the 70s and 80s, the Spanish cinema wasn’t that good, because there were no good ideas neither good directors, and the techniques were quite poor (except for the social satire of Luis García Berlanga, and the art-film of Víctor Erice). An exceptional figure contributed to […]