Masculine and Feminine in Spanish

Video Tutorial: Masculine And Feminine in Spanish

Have you gone through Masculine and Feminine in Spanish? If you are struggling with Masculine and feminine in Spanish, this nice video tutorial will help you. As in other languages, in Spanish nouns have a gender. So objects are considered masculine or feminine and that determines the endings of the nouns. Therefore, depending on the endings you […]

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What Poner El Dedo En La Llaga Means In Spanish

What do we mean if we use the idiom Poner el dedo en la llaga? Poner el dedo en la llaga is quite an easy Spanish idiomatic expression to understand. Unlike many others, if we translate it word by word its meaning becomes clear. Literally it means “to put the finger on the wound”. You […]

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HAPPYforward: Step 4

Looking for a language school in London? Happy Languages is an Italian and Spanish language school in London perfect for any needs. After four amazing years in our beautiful office at the Aldgate Tower, it’s time for a change! That’s why from September we will move to a new fantastic location, a few minutes walking from […]

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Our Spanish Intermediate Courses From September

Long term Spanish classes in London are waiting for you! If you want to take long term Spanish classes in London at Intermediate level, we have different options for you. Depending of how long you have studied for and the contents you learnt, you can choose among three courses. At Happy Languages, the Intermediate level […]

Pub Essentials In Spanish

Video Tutorial: Pub Essentials In Spanish

It is always good to learn some pub essentials in Spanish! If you learn some pub essentials in Spanish, it will be beneficial to enjoy your time in Spain. Going to a pub is one of the real life situations you can experience. In particular, if you can interact in a daily situation using the […]

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How To Prepare Your Spanish DELE Exam

Our Spanish courses in London by experts are great to prepare your DELE exam. If you want to take a Spanish DELE exam, taking Spanish courses in London by experts is strongly recommended. The exam is perfect to attest your Spanish level of competence for different purposes. According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference […]

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What Pedir Peras Al Olmo Means In Spanish

“Pedir peras al olmo” is a lovely Spanish idiom, do you know it? If you heard someone using the idiomatic expression “pedir peras al olmo“, you must be very curious about the meaning. The Spanish language is always surprising when it comes to idioms. Sometimes it is very figurative and can express abstract concepts in […]

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What Estar Hecho Un Ají Means In Spanish

Estar Hecho Un Ají is a funny Spanish Idiom you will love! There are situations when “Estar hecho un ají” will turn out to be the perfect expression to use! Can you imagine what kind of situations? Well…you know that Spanish is a very evocative language with many lovely idiomatic expressions. In order to be able […]

Spanish classes with less fees

Discover Our Fantastic Vouchers

Looking for Spanish classes with less fees? At Happy Languages you can have Spanish classes with less fees as our prices are very competitive. We also offer amazing free online resources and video tutorials on our Youtube channel In addition, we have amazing news for you! With our new vouchers you can get a great […]

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What Ser Un Ave Nocturna Means In Spanish

Do you understand what I mean if I use the idiom”Ser un ave nocturna”? “Ser un ave nocturna” is another lovely Spanish expression. Using idioms makes the language so colorful! This is why at Happy Languages we pay a lot of attention to idiomatic expressions and teach them as much as possible. That is crucial […]