Spanish course in less amount

Spanish Beginner Course: How To Save Money

Looking for a Spanish Course in less amount? At Happy Languages we do offer a Beginner 1 Spanish Course in less amount. We are keen to meet our students’ expectations. This is why our prices are always kept low and incredibly competitive on the London market. If you enrol in a Beginner 1 Spanish Evening […]

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HAPPYforward: Step 1

Happy Languages in London is a great place to learn languages having fun! And there are some amazing news at Happy Languages in London you will love! Since 2013 we have been growing fast and gone through some big challenges. In the last 4 years we have been in an amazing location, the Aldgate Tower, […]

Spanish Bookshop

Discover A Fantastic Deal: The Spanish Bookshop

How can you find Spanish classes with less fees? At Happy Languages we offer a wide range of Spanish classes with less fees. In addition to very good prices, we also give to our students our Happy Languages Member Card, which is very convenient to save money in a number of bars, restaurants and shops […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

How To Succeed In Learning Spanish

Long term Spanish Classes in London are structured to guide you towards proficiency. At Happy Languages, our long term Spanish classes in London are carefully planned in order to make students progress. So if your goal is reaching an advanced level, following the courses we designed is the perfect learning path. How are courses structured? […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Discover Our Spanish Beginner Course From September

Long term Spanish classes in London are the perfect choice to learn Spanish. If you are looking for long term Spanish classes in London from September, we are plenty of courses! From the 23rd September our new term will start. So either if you are resume after the summer break or you are totally new […]

Short term Spanish classes in London

Discover Our Spanish Summer Classes

Short term Spanish classes in London are the perfect format for the summer! In this period of the year, short term Spanish classes in London are exactly what you need to continue studying before your holidays. At Happy Languages, we have the right courses for you! Our new short courses are starting from the 24th […]

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Let’s Order A Coffee In Spanish

Are you enjoying your Spanish language course? If you want to practice after your Spanish language course, why don’t you try to order a coffee in Spanish? Being able to interact in everyday situations is the first goal to reach when you learn another language. That’s why going to one of the several Spanish bars […]

Top 5 Romantic Places in País Vasco

Top 5 Romantic Places In País Vasco

Looking for the top 5 romantic places in País Vasco? The top 5 romantic places in País Vasco that we chose are really stunning. As they are not too touristy, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your holiday with your partner avoiding big crowds. And that makes your time there even more romantic! Let’s go through […]

Uses of Por and Para

Spanish Video Tutorial: Uses Of Por And Para

Do you know the uses of Por and Para in Spanish? The uses of Por and Para might be tricky as both words translate the English “for”. However, Por and Para are used in a different way depending on the meaning of the sentence. There are quite a lot of uses to go through. This […]

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Antonio Banderas: A Great Spanish Actor

Why don’t you watch some Spanish movies while you study Spanish in London? If you study Spanish in London, choosing some good movies to watch in Spanish can be fun! Even though following a movie in a foreign language is very complicated, subtitles do help a lot. And if you feel quite confident, you can […]