spanish pronunciation

Spanish Pronunciation Video Tutorial

Struggling with Spanish Pronunciation? Spanish Pronunciation might seem complicated at first. But if you learn some basic rules, it will definitely get easier. The good news is that in Spanish we read words exactly how they are written. Differently from English, we do not have to worry about some changes that may occur with specific […]

spanish idiom

What Se Me Hace Agua La Boca Means In Spanish

“Se me hace agua la boca” is a useful Spanish Idiom to know! Do you know what “Se me hace agua la boca” means? Considering how delicious the Spanish food is, you must have heard someone saying that. And next time you will have some lovely tapas in front of you, it will be the […]

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Discover Our Spanish February Courses at Happy Languages

Searching Spanish language courses in London to start in February? Our regular Evening Spanish language courses in London started in January and are now going on. But don’t worry: we do have amazing options for February as well! If you are a completely beginner student, you could join our Crash Course on the 23rd and […]

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Spanish Conversation Class

Taking Spanish Tuition in London to improve your language skills? Choosing Spanish tuition in London is the best way to study the language and progress quickly. But what if you look for Spanish Tuition in London to practice your conversation skills? Even though you already study Spanish, sometimes is difficult to find occasions to speak […]

spanish articles

Video Tutorial: Spanish Articles

How do Spanish Articles work? Spanish articles might be quite hard to learn and use at first. We normally study articles at a Beginner Level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. In English it is very easy because we use only the, which is the Definite Article and a/an, which is […]

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New Spanish Evening Classes: Elementary Courses

Looking for Spanish Evening Classes at an Elementary level to start in January? We have a good news: after the Christmas break, our Spanish Evening Classes will restart from the 21st January! If you have already completed the Beginner level, it is time to start the Elementary. In the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference […]

spanish false friends

Spanish False Friends

Have you ever come across Spanish false friends? Spanish false friends are Spanish words that look very similar to English words, but have a totally different meaning. If you are studying Spanish you have definitely noticed some of them! It is very common to use a word because of its similarity with your mother tongue…and […]

my happy Christmas

My HAPPY Christmas 2018

Christmas is coming! We have a great news: there is a fantastic Christmas present waiting for you! How can you get it? It’s very easy! Once your Italian or Spanish course finishes, in few steps you will receive an amazing present: take a selfie with your certificate share the picture on Facebook tag @HappyLanguages use […]

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Learning Spanish for Beginners: New Courses From January

Are you interested in learning Spanish for Beginners? At Happy Languages learning Spanish for Beginners is really fun! The Beginner level is split in three courses in order to cover all the contents according to the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference for languages). If you are thinking of your New Year resolution, our next […]

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What Temblar Como Un Flan Means In Spanish

Which Spanish Idiom do you prefer? We bet there is a Spanish Idiom you love and use as much as possible! Spanish idiomatic expressions are always very meaningful and perfectly convey an idea which is difficult to express in a different way. Well…it is possible to try, but the result is never satisfying. Besides, if […]