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Spanish Language Classes: Intermediate 2

If you are enjoying your Spanish language classes in London at Happy Languages, why don’t you move to the next level? Once you complete your Intermediate 1 Spanish language classes in London at Happy Languages, there is the perfect continuation for you: the Intermediate 2 course. At this stage you should have studied for around […]

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Study Spanish In London: A Book For A1 and A2 Students

If you study Spanish in London at Happy Languages, you use various great materials to progress. When you study Spanish in London at a A1 and A2 level, one of the texbooks you might use at Happy Languages is called ¡Nos vemos! The first reason why teachers love it is that is a very enjoyable book. […]

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Spanish One-To-One Lessons: Materials

When you look for Spanish tuition in London, Happy Languages offers you a very wide choice! If you are browsing Spanish tuition in London there are many aspects to consider: above all, the materials used during the lessons. Each teacher can choose different materials depending on his preferences and the student’s needs. If you have […]

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What Estar Más Sano Que Una Pera Means in Spanish

How many Spanish idioms do you know? If you are curious about Spanish idioms and always looking for more, you must have come across the expression “Estar más sano que una pera“. Sometimes it is really interesting to find out that some idioms have equivalents in a number of other languages: even though the literal […]

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Spanish Intermediate 1 Course: What Contents Will You Study?

Looking for Spanish Classes in East London at an Intermediate level? If you have already studied for around 90 hours and are searching Spanish Classes in East London, our Evening Intermediate 1 course is just perfect! What do you need to know in order to start this course? At this level you should have learned […]


Alicante: A Gorgeous Spot Of Spain

If you enjoy travelling to Spain, Alicante is a city you can’t miss! Situated on the Southeastern coast of Spain, Alicante is a beautiful city with a long and fascinating history which left a visible trace in its amazing monuments and streets. What to visit. Castle of Santa Bárbara. The biggest medieval fortress in Spain […]

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Spanish Elementary 3 Course

Are you enjoying your Spanish evening classes at Happy Languages? If you want to keep going with your Spanish evening classes, at Happy Languages you can find what you are looking for. If you have studied for about 75 hours, the best course to take is the Elementary 3. This course will prepare you to step […]

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Spanish Elementary 2 Course: What Will You Study?

Ready to learn Spanish in London? If you want to learn Spanish in London and have already studied for around 60 hours, our Elementary 2 course is the next step to take. This course will make you develop your abilities and get more confident as you will do a lot of practice and talk about […]

Mezquita de Córdoba

Mezquita de Córdoba: Discover the Great Mosque

Are you visiting the Mezquita de Córdoba soon? The Mezquita de Córdoba is a monumental Mosque, the most important of the Western Islamic world. Its history is fascinating: different cults have been associated to this gorgeous building over the centuries, with an alternance between Christian and Muslim influences. Historians believe that at the beginning it was a […]

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What Ponerse De Mala Leche Means In Spanish

Spanish idiomatic expressions are just amazing. It often happens to hear someone using these fantastic Spanish idiomatic expressions and think that it would be nice to know their meaning or the story behind. Also, we always think if there is an equivalent in our native language or in other languages that we can speak. If […]