spanish for beginners

Let’s Learn Some Spanish Easter Words

Learning Spanish for Beginners is really fun! If you study Spanish for Beginners and are enjoying your lessons, you will be happy to expand your vocabulary. In this period of the year, Easter is the most important event in Spain. People do celebrate this religious festivity all the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, the […]

how to say beautiful in Spanish

How To Say Beautiful In Spanish

There are many ways to say beautiful in Spanish! As you may have noticed, the words that we can use to say beautiful in Spanish are a lot and we normally have choice depending on our intentions and on what we refer to. For instance, there are words that we can use to describe only […]

best way to learn spanish

Best Way To Learn Spanish – Week 30

What’s the best way to learn Spanish during this lockdown? At present, online classes are definitely the best way to learn Spanish. After 30 weeks of lessons on Zoom, we strongly believe that this way of learning has been perfect to suit everybody’s needs. Meeting online after work has been a good habit to keep […]

spanish idiom

What Verlo Todo De Color De Rosa Means In Spanish

“Verlo todo de color de rosa” is a new Spanish idiom to learn! Among hundreds idioms, “verlo todo de color de rosa” is a really nice one. As usual, at Happy Languages we pay a lot of attention to idiomatic expressions and we always try to introduce some of them in order to make students […]

online language classes

Why Our September Courses Are Online

Why did we choose to continue with online language classes? Our Italian and Spanish online language classes started in March, just before the national lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis. Since then, we regularly run Italian and Spanish lessons via Zoom: a new way to have class that our students enjoyed a lot, despite the […]

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The Best Apps To Learn Spanish In Lockdown

Are you keen on using apps to learn Spanish? During the lockdown, discovering new apps to learn Spanish is a great way to improve your skills. As you have more time to spend at home, you have the chance to focus on some practice every day. Even 10-15 minutes per day are enough to keep […]

spanish idiom

What Ser Un Melรณn Means In Spanish

Ready to discover the Spanish idiom Ser un melรณn? Ser un melรณn is a nice Spanish expression to learn! As usual, idioms help express or vividly describe something. In Spanish there are several everyday idiomatic expressions to learn in order to catch the meaning of a conversation. This one is definitely a common expression, not […]

Spanish Intensive

Take An Online Spanish Crash Course

Looking for an Intensive Spanish Crash Course? If you are a Total Beginner and want to start an Intensive Spanish Crash Course, we offer the perfect solution for you! On the 28th and 29th March you can join our Spanish Crash Course from 10am to 2pm. You will study for 8 hours in total starting […]