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What Dormirse En Los Laureles Means In Spanish

Can you guess what “Dormirse en los laureles” means in Spanish? If you like Spanish idiomatic expressions, “Dormirse en los laureles” is a very nice one. Every time we come across an idiom, understanding its meaning is a big challenge. But these expressions never let us down! They are always interesting and stimulate our curiosity. […]

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Best Spanish Classes in London From April

Looking for the best Spanish classes in London from April? The best Spanish classes in London are at Happy Languages! We have new courses starting from the 1st April that might be perfect to fit your schedule. We offer evening courses from 7pm to 8.30pm held at the Aldgate Tower, just outside Aldgate East tube […]

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Spanish Pronunciation Video Tutorial

Struggling with Spanish Pronunciation? Spanish Pronunciation might seem complicated at first. But if you learn some basic rules, it will definitely get easier. The good news is that in Spanish we read words exactly how they are written. Differently from English, we do not have to worry about some changes that may occur with specific […]

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The Words of Love in Spanish

Learning Spanish for Beginners and getting ready for St.Valentine’s Day? When you study Spanish for Beginners there are loads of romantic words to learn. Normally Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolates and nice gifts. Why don’t you surprise your half saying something in Spanish this year? If you have a Spanish speaker partner, he/she […]

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Spanish Video Tutorial: Difference Between Ser And Estar

Choosing between Ser and Estar in Spanish might be tricky. Whilst in English we use only the verb “to be“, in Spanish it can be translated with Ser or Estar depending on the use. But don’t worry too much, it’s just a matter of practice! That is why we thought that this nice video tutorial […]

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Discover Our Spanish February Courses at Happy Languages

Searching Spanish language courses in London to start in February? Our regular Evening Spanish language courses in London started in January and are now going on. But don’t worry: we do have amazing options for February as well! If you are a completely beginner student, you could join our Crash Course on the 23rd and […]

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Spanish Conversation Class

Taking Spanish Tuition in London to improve your language skills? Choosing Spanish tuition in London is the best way to study the language and progress quickly. But what if you look for Spanish Tuition in London to practice your conversation skills? Even though you already study Spanish, sometimes is difficult to find occasions to speak […]

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What Ser Como Buscar Una Aguja En Un Pajar Means In Spanish

Wondering what “Ser como buscar una aguja en un pajar” means in Spanish? “Ser como buscar una aguja en un pajar” is a very common Spanish idiomatic expression. As it is quite popular in other languages as well, you probably use it already! In fact, sometimes idioms are exactly the same or very similar in […]

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Video Tutorial: Spanish Articles

How do Spanish Articles work? Spanish articles might be quite hard to learn and use at first. We normally study articles at a Beginner Level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. In English it is very easy because we use only the, which is the Definite Article and a/an, which is […]

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Learn Spanish: A Great A2 Textbook

Do you want to learn Spanish in London? If you are at a A2 level and still want to learn Spanish in London, at Happy Languages you can progress quickly and have fun! As you have already studied Spanish, you know how important textbooks and other materials are to support and motivate you. In fact, […]