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Where To Eat The Best Churros In London

Taking a Spanish language course is not only learning the language! We bet during your Spanish language course you do enjoy some Spanish specialties as well. If you have a very sweet tooth, we do recommend to try some lovely churros. Their name comes from a specific breed of sheep called Navajo-Churro: these kind of […]

spanish language course

Let’s Prepare Gambas Al Ajillo

Are you enjoying your Spanish language course? If you want to practice the language during your Spanish language course, cooking a good Spanish dish is definitely a great idea! Obviously you need to make the effort to follow the instructions in Spanish. It is a fantastic exercise and will make you learn new vocabulary as […]

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Spain Goes Vegan: The New Spanish Food Trend

Have you ever had Spanish vegan food? Spanish vegan food might seem something unrealistic since Spain has always been one of the biggest meat consumers in Europe. Although a recent trend, vegetarianism and veganism in Spain are on the rise. It means that a good number of people avoid eating meat for many different reasons, […]

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How To Make An Authentic Gazpacho

Learning Spanish for beginners is an amazing challenge! Learning Spanish for beginners means looking for as many opportunities as possible to practice the language. Even in your everyday life, you can always find ways to use your Spanish and improve it. For example, why don’t you cook a typical Spanish dish? If you do, follow […]

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Spanish Conversation Class Christmas Edition 8th December 2018

Curious to try one of the best Spanish classes in London? On the 8th December one of the best Spanish Classes in London will take place at Happy Languages: our Spanish Conversation Class Christmas Edition! We believe that the Christmas time is magic and the Spanish culture offers a lot of interesting traditions to talk about. […]

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Sierra Nevada: Discover The Spanish Highest Peaks

If you want to discover a fascinating winter destination in Spain, Sierra Nevada is on top of the list! Situated in Andalucia, not far from Granada, Málaga and Almería, Sierra Nevada includes the highest peaks in Spain, second in Europe after the Alps. The Mulhacén is the highest peak, with its 3.482 metres. This area is also a famous Protected […]


Spanish Winter Destination: Discover Baqueira-Beret

If you are looking for a nice winter destination in Spain, Baqueira-Beret is one of the best. Do you know it? Baqueira-Beret is a lovely destination for all the mountain lovers: you can find a fine ski resort in the heart of the Pirenees, which occupies the highest part of the Aran Valley and Àneu Valley. […]

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Tortilla Recipe

Have you ever heard about tortilla? I guess you have, but what you have to know is that “tortilla” has two different meanings, and the one you know is probably the South American one, which is the pancake where wrapped with different kind of meat, salad, tomatoes and whatever you prefer to add. Well, what […]