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Let’s Learn Some Spanish Easter Words

Learning Spanish for Beginners is really fun! If you study Spanish for Beginners and are enjoying your lessons, you will be happy to expand your vocabulary. In this period of the year, Easter is the most important event in Spain. People do celebrate this religious festivity all the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, the […]

learning spanish for beginners

How To Make An Authentic Gazpacho

Learning Spanish for beginners is an amazing challenge! Learning Spanish for beginners means looking for as many opportunities as possible to practice the language. Even in your everyday life, you can always find ways to use your Spanish and improve it. For example, why don’t you cook a typical Spanish dish? If you do, follow […]

spanish for beginners

The Words of Love in Spanish

Learning Spanish for Beginners and getting ready for St.Valentine’s Day? When you study Spanish for Beginners there are loads of romantic words to learn. Normally Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolates and nice gifts. Why don’t you surprise your half saying something in Spanish this year? If you have a Spanish speaker partner, he/she […]