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What Quedarse Dormido Means In Spanish

“Quedarse dormido” is such a nice Spanish idiom! In Spanish there are many idiomatic expressions with the verb “quedarse” (a reflexive verb which means to stay in a place, not to move away): “quedarse dormido” is one of them, a lovely idiom to learn and use in conversation. So “quedarse” combines with different words to […]

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What Echar Una Mano Means In Spanish

Do you understand the Spanish idiom “echar una mano“? We are talking about an expression that Spanish speakers use a lot: “echar una mano” is really common and you have probably heard it many times. If you enjoy learning Spanish idioms, this is a very good one to add to your vocabulary: easy to use […]

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What No Entender Ni Papa Means In Spanish

When can we use the Spanish idiom “no entender ni papa”? If you have already heard the expression “no entender ni papa” you might have an idea of the meaning: it is one of the several idioms with food that are extremely common in Spanish. However, using food in idiomatic expressions sometimes means saying something […]

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What Ser Uña Y Carne Means In Spanish

Do you know what “ser uña y carne” means? “Ser uña y carne” is a new Spanish idiomatic expression to add to your vocabulary! Learning idioms is very important in order to progress and get more familiar with the language. Native speakers use idioms all the time, so the more you learn the better: some […]

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What Perder La Cabeza Means In Spanish

“Perder la cabeza” is a very common and useful Spanish idiom! When you hear the idiom “perder la cabeza” you might think of different things, but what’s the real meaning? As usual, we refer idiomatic expressions to a number of situations and meanings that don’t correspond to the literal translation. Using idioms make our language […]

Spanish sayings with animals to learn

Learn 5 Spanish Sayings With Animals

Are you passionate about Spanish sayings? There are lots of funny Spanish sayings to learn and use in everyday conversation, one for every situation! Sayings are intertwined with the culture that’s behind a language, so learning them is really interesting to find out more about a country. And the nice thing is that there are […]

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What Estar Como Una Rosa Means In Spanish

Estar como una rosa is a nice Spanish idiom: have you ever seen it? If you have heard someone using the expression Estar como una rosa, you might have thought many different things: you probably knew that “rosa” is a rose, but what does it mean in this expression? Well, sometimes things are not what […]

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What Ponerse Verde Means In Spanish

Let’s learn a new Spanish idiomatic expression: ponerse verde! Have you ever found the idiom “ponerse verde” or heard it from someone? Idioms are not easy to catch when we don’t know them: in this case we have an expression with a colour, which is not easy to interpret . What would that colour mean? […]

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What Pasar La Noche En Blanco Means In Spanish

“Pasar la noche en blanco” is such a nice idiom! “Pasar la noche en blanco” is one of those idioms with colours: in Spanish it’s very common to use colours in idiomatic expressions! It might be difficult to understand their meaning if you don’t have a similar idiom in your language: colours express something specific, […]

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What Perro Ladrador, Poco Mordedor Means In Spanish

Have you ever heard the idiom “perro ladrador, poco mordedor” in Spanish? “Perro ladrador, poco mordedor” is a nice idiom that we can find in other languages, so it will be particularly easy to use. Adding some idiomatic expression to your vocabulary is also a great idea to be able to speak with natives, understand […]