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The Most Popular Words of Carnival In Spanish

Have you already learnt some words of Carnival during your Spanish language course? During this time of the year any Spanish language focuses on Carnival! It is quite an important festivity all around Spain: you can discover the best celebrations here. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all the events will follow the rules in place, […]

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Discover our Spanish Christmas Vouchers

Are you thinking of a Christmas gift for a friend who wants to learn Spanish in London? If your partner or a friend wants to learn Spanish in London, one of our Christmas vouchers would be much appreciated! Such a specific interest can really help you choose a great gift this year: sometimes is very […]

Spanish tuitions London

How To Get Ready For Spanish DELE B1 Exam

If you want to take the Spanish DELE B1 certification, taking Spanish tuitions in London is a great choice! Spanish tuitions in London can be easily arranged and tailored on your needs. That is why we strongly suggest to choose this option when it comes to preparing a specific exam. Group courses are definitely useful […]

Short term Spanish classes in London

Discover Our September Spanish Crash Course

Curious about our short term Spanish classes in London? We often hold Short term Spanish classes in London! Next weekend there is something that might be of interest to you: our Spanish Crash Course. It’s a very intensive course for Total Beginner students that lasts for 8 hours only, 4 on Saturday and 4 on […]

Spanish classes with minimum fee

My Happy Gadget Contest – Spanish

Looking for Spanish classes with minimum fee? At Happy Languages Spanish classes with minimum fee are the reality. On top of our competitive prices for group and one-to-one lessons, we have a new amazing contest for you! We always try to make you feel part of the family! This time we really wanted to give […]

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Top Spanish Holidays Words

Enjoying some Spanish courses in London by experts? Mostly, in summer all the Spanish courses in London by experts dedicate some time to holidays vocabulary. As the majority of students, you are probably counting the days left to your holiday in Spain! If this is the case, you should learn some useful vocabulary to be as […]

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What Estar Hecho Un Ají Means In Spanish

Estar Hecho Un Ají is a funny Spanish Idiom you will love! There are situations when “Estar hecho un ají” will turn out to be the perfect expression to use! Can you imagine what kind of situations? Well…you know that Spanish is a very evocative language with many lovely idiomatic expressions. In order to be able […]

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A Spanish International Star: Penélope Cruz

Do you want to practice what you learn in your Spanish language course? Normally people who attend a Spanish language course are very keen on finding nice ways to improve their skills. If you like the Spanish cinema or are curious to discover it, one of the most famous representatives is definitely Penélope Cruz. We […]

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New Spanish Intermediate Courses From January

Ready for your next Spanish language course? If you would like to take a Spanish language course at an Intermediate level, our new classes are starting from the 21st January. What does Intermediate level mean? If we refer to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), the Intermediate level is called B1. At […]

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Spanish Language Course: a Textbook for A1 and A2 Levels

A good Spanish language course has to be based on great materials. This is why at Happy Languages we do care about what materials student use in order to reach their goals. There are many fantastic textbooks on the market, do you know Gente hoy 1? Published by Difusión, Gente hoy is a very well structured […]