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What Ponerse Verde Means In Spanish

Let’s learn a new Spanish idiomatic expression: ponerse verde! Have you ever found the idiom “ponerse verde” or heard it from someone? Idioms are not easy to catch when we don’t know them: in this case we have an expression with a colour, which is not easy to interpret . What would that colour mean? […]

spanish idiom

What Pasar La Noche En Blanco Means In Spanish

“Pasar la noche en blanco” is such a nice idiom! “Pasar la noche en blanco” is one of those idioms with colours: in Spanish it’s very common to use colours in idiomatic expressions! It might be difficult to understand their meaning if you don’t have a similar idiom in your language: colours express something specific, […]

learn all the days of the week in Spanish

The Days Of The Week In Spanish

Do you know the days of the week in Spanish? The days of the week in Spanish are an important topic that we introduce at a beginner level: they are among those essential words to make plans and talk about your week, so it’s really important to go through them and memorise their names. Because […]

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What Perro Ladrador, Poco Mordedor Means In Spanish

Have you ever heard the idiom “perro ladrador, poco mordedor” in Spanish? “Perro ladrador, poco mordedor” is a nice idiom that we can find in other languages, so it will be particularly easy to use. Adding some idiomatic expression to your vocabulary is also a great idea to be able to speak with natives, understand […]

tips to discover how to learn to speak Spanish fast

Tips To Learn Spanish Fast

Find out more about how to learn to speak Spanish fast: there are lovely activities to practise and improve your language skills day by day!

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What No Pegar Ojo Means In Spanish

“No pegar ojo” is a lovely Spanish idiom: do you know it? We do love Spanish idiomatic expressions and “no pegar ojo” is a really lovely one! When you learn a language, one of the most difficult things to go through are idioms: sometimes the meaning is really hard to catch if you just translate […]