Discover Mexico

Discover Mexico

Ready to discover Mexico? Mexico is a very wide country, with 115 millions of inhabitants: that means that one out of four Spanish speaking people is Mexican! But the importance of Mexico is not just in these numbers. Over two thousand years, Mexico has been the cradle of numerous pre-Columbian civilizations, and that’s the reason why […]

spanish cinema

Spanish Cinema

How much do you know about the Spanish cinema? During the 70s and 80s, the Spanish cinema wasn’t that good, because there were no good ideas neither good directors, and the techniques were quite poor (except for the social satire of Luis García Berlanga, and the art-film of Víctor Erice). An exceptional figure contributed to […]

language meet up

Have Fun with a Language Meet Up

Have you ever joined a language meet-up? If you’re studying a foreign language you would definitely like taking part in a language meet-up. Why? First of all it’s a great opportunity to actually practice the language you’re studying. Learning a new language can be a bit tricky and books and grammar rules by themselves are […]