famous Spanish phrases to learn

Discover Some Famous Spanish Phrases

There are loads of lovely famous Spanish phrases! If you are learning Spanish and trying to practise as much as possible, you might have come across amazing phrases reading a book or watching a movie: many famous authors and film directors have become even more famous because of some quotes taken from their major works, […]

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What No Entender Ni Papa Means In Spanish

When can we use the Spanish idiom “no entender ni papa”? If you have already heard the expression “no entender ni papa” you might have an idea of the meaning: it is one of the several idioms with food that are extremely common in Spanish. However, using food in idiomatic expressions sometimes means saying something […]

Basic Spanish phrases to learn

Let’s Learn Some Basic Spanish Phrases

Ready to learn some useful basic Spanish phrases? Learning some basic phrases can be useful to start approaching the language and be able to speak a little Spanish when travelling. If you are wondering where to start from, normally the first things to say in a foreign language are all those questions and information for […]

learn some vocabulary about food in Spanish

Let’s Learn Food In Spanish

Do you know some vocabulary about food in Spanish? Learning food in Spanish is essential to be able to order in a restaurant, go shopping when in Spain and follow traditional recipes in the original language. Also, food is really central in the Spanish culture, so people love cooking, eating together and, of course, talking […]

spanish idiom

What Ser Uña Y Carne Means In Spanish

Do you know what “ser uña y carne” means? “Ser uña y carne” is a new Spanish idiomatic expression to add to your vocabulary! Learning idioms is very important in order to progress and get more familiar with the language. Native speakers use idioms all the time, so the more you learn the better: some […]

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How To Wish Merry Christmas In Spanish

Are you learning Spanish and getting ready for Christmas? As you are learning Spanish, this year you might want to surprise your Spanish friends or family members with lovely Christmas wishes in Spanish! As Spaniards would say, “la Navidad está en puertas!” (Christmas is just around the corner) so it’s time to start getting ready. […]

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What Perder La Cabeza Means In Spanish

“Perder la cabeza” is a very common and useful Spanish idiom! When you hear the idiom “perder la cabeza” you might think of different things, but what’s the real meaning? As usual, we refer idiomatic expressions to a number of situations and meanings that don’t correspond to the literal translation. Using idioms make our language […]

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Discover our Spanish Christmas Vouchers

Are you thinking of a Christmas gift for a friend who wants to learn Spanish in London? If your partner or a friend wants to learn Spanish in London, one of our Christmas vouchers would be much appreciated! Such a specific interest can really help you choose a great gift this year: sometimes is very […]

Spanish sayings with animals to learn

Learn 5 Spanish Sayings With Animals

Are you passionate about Spanish sayings? There are lots of funny Spanish sayings to learn and use in everyday conversation, one for every situation! Sayings are intertwined with the culture that’s behind a language, so learning them is really interesting to find out more about a country. And the nice thing is that there are […]

learn how to say please in Spanish

How To Say Please In Spanish

Learning how to say please in Spanish is essential! Even in very basic conversation is important to know how to say please in Spanish: when you order something in a bar or in a restaurant, when you ask an information or a favour to a friend and in many other daily situations. Please is one […]