A Lovely Spanish Vegetarian Recipe: Pisto

If you are a Spanish food lover, you have to try Pisto! Pisto, also known as Pisto manchego, is a tasty vegetarian recipe that comes from La Mancha, a region in central Spain. Inspired by a Moorish dish, Pisto has changed over the centuries due to the introduction of new ingredients from America, such as […]

shopping in Spanish

Video Tutorial – Shopping In Spanish

How to go shopping in Spanish? Going shopping in Spanish is a huge goal. This video tutorial is exactly what you need to go through some useful phrases! When you go in a shop, the staff can ask: ¿Qué desea? –> What do you want? ¿Qué busca? –> What are you looking for? We can […]

spanish idiom

What Ponerse Como Un Tomate Means In Spanish

Ponerse como un tomate is a lovely Spanish idiom to learn! Have you ever heard someone using the expression “ponerse como un tomate”? We found Spanish idioms always very nice and effective, so we believe it is important to learn some of the most common to be able to interact in a very spontaneous way […]

Lentejas con chorizo

Let’s Make Lentejas Con Chorizo

Have you ever tried lentejas con chorizo? Once you do, lentejas con chorizo will become one of your favourite Spanish dishes. Simple, warm and delicious, it is also very easy to prepare at home. So if you want to make something special for your friends in a cold evening, it’s a perfect choice! There are […]

Presente and Estar Mas Gerundio

Video Tutorial: Presente And Estar Mas Gerundio In Spanish

What is the difference between Presente and Estar Mas Gerundio in Spanish? The uses of Presente and Estar Mas Gerundio are not the same. It is useful to go through them separately and understand what each of them expresses. Watch this nice video tutorial to learn this difference!  First of all, let’s see the […]

spanish idiom

What Echar Leña Al Fuego Means In Spanish

Do you know the Spanish idiom “Echar leña al fuego”? “Echar leña al fuego” is a common Spanish expression you might have heard many times. As usual, Spanish idioms are often more effective than any other explanations. So if you use this idiom you can communicate what you mean in a straightforward way, without need of many […]

Spanish language courses in london

Spanish Beginner 2 Course From January

Ready for our new Spanish language courses in London? The next term Spanish language courses in London will start in January! As usual, we have many different levels for you to choose the perfect course. Not sure about your level in Italian? We suggest you to contact us before registering so that we will be […]


How To Make Delicious Albóndigas

Albóndigas are a typical Spanish confort food. Albóndigas are delicious meatballs that normally remind Spaniards their roots. A food loved by everybody, children and adults, perfect to prepare when you have guests as you can make them in advance. And they are not difficult to make! As for many traditional recipes there are different versions, […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Let’s Start Learning Spanish From January

Do you want to take long term Spanish classes in London from January? After the Christmas break, long term Spanish classes in London will restart from the last week of January. If you are looking for a Beginner course to start from scratch, our Beginner 1 will start from the 28th January. Being a long […]

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple – Video Tutorial

Have you studied Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple in Spanish? Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple are important intermediate grammar topics. It is very important to focus on the difference between them in order to be able to express different past actions. Let’s watch this nice video tutorial!  Let’s see the uses of Imperfecto. First of […]