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What Echar Una Mano Means In Spanish

Do you understand the Spanish idiom “echar una mano“? We are talking about an expression that Spanish speakers use a lot: “echar una mano” is really common and you have probably heard it many times. If you enjoy learning Spanish idioms, this is a very good one to add to your vocabulary: easy to use […]

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Best Way To Learn Spanish – Week 30

What’s the best way to learn Spanish during this lockdown? At present, online classes are definitely the best way to learn Spanish. After 30 weeks of lessons on Zoom, we strongly believe that this way of learning has been perfect to suit everybody’s needs. Meeting online after work has been a good habit to keep […]

spanish idiom

What No Importar Un Pimiento Means In Spanish

No importar un pimiento is a nice Spanish idiom you should learn! If you have already heard some using the expression “No importar un pimiento“, you might have guessed its meaning from the context. Normally we use it when we want to say that we don’t care about something. However, the literal translation might be […]

spanish idiom

What No Tener Ni Pies Ni Cabeza Means In Spanish

No tener ni pies ni cabeza is a good Spanish idiom to learn! If you hear “No tener ni pies ni cabeza” you might be a bit confused as the meaning is not very straightforward. Sometimes idiomatic expressions need a bit of interpretation: a literal translation is not enough to explain what they really mean. […]

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Online Spanish Lessons – Week 19

Taking online Spanish lessons is really fun! Since we started our online Spanish lessons due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have held our classes on Zoom for 19 weeks! Swapping from face-to-face to virtual classes is not easy both for students and teachers, however our experience is really great. Our students are keeping on track […]

spanish idiom

What Estar Hasta Las Narices Means In Spanish

Estar hasta las narices is a nice Spanish idiom: have you ever heard it? It’s always challenging when it comes to idioms and “estar hasta las narices” is a difficult one! As usual, idioms are an essential part of a foreign language: without these amazing expressions the way we speak is more flat and impersonal, […]