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Discover our Spanish Christmas Vouchers

Are you thinking of a Christmas gift for a friend who wants to learn Spanish in London? If your partner or a friend wants to learn Spanish in London, one of our Christmas vouchers would be much appreciated! Such a specific interest can really help you choose a great gift this year: sometimes is very […]

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Start Our Spanish Online Beginner 2 Course

Can’t wait to start your Beginner 2 Online Spanish Evening Course? Our Online Spanish Evening Course at Beginner 2 level is starting from the 23rd September and will last for 10 weeks, every Wednesday from 7pm to 8.30pm. Due to the Covid-19 emergency, we decided to continue with online courses via Zoom to keep our […]

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Spanish Classes Online – Week 15

Are you enjoying your Spanish classes online? Our Spanish classes online keep going: for the 15th week we held lessons on Zoom! Despite the differences in setting, online classes work really well. Students can do activities in different modes and take advantage of useful functions. While working from home, having the opportunity to take classes […]

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Online Spanish Language Courses: Week 5

The second week of our Spanish language courses has been amazing! All our Spanish language courses took place on Zoom for the fifth week online. Before the Easter break we had to move all the classes online due to the Coronavirus emergency. After the break, as the situation had not changed, we restarted our online […]

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What Ser Un Melón Means In Spanish

Ready to discover the Spanish idiom Ser un melón? Ser un melón is a nice Spanish expression to learn! As usual, idioms help express or vividly describe something. In Spanish there are several everyday idiomatic expressions to learn in order to catch the meaning of a conversation. This one is definitely a common expression, not […]

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What Dar Gato Por Liebre Means In Spanish

What does Dar Gato Por Liebre mean in Spanish? Dar Gato Por Liebre is a nice Spanish idiom with a nice story behind. Do you know what is the literal translation? It would be “to give a cat for a hare”, so to trick someone giving something with less value than the thing they paid […]

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Get Ready For Spanish DELE C2 Preparation

Looking for a Spanish tutor in London to prepare your DELE C2 exam? Planning some lessons with a Spanish tutor in London is definitely the best idea to prepare your DELE C2 exam. As you probably know, C2 is the highest level of competence in a foreign language. It is considered as “mastery” and is […]

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Get Ready For Your DELE B2 Exam

How can Spanish evening classes help you prepare your DELE B2 exam? Even if not specific, your general Spanish evening classes are essential to get ready for a certification exam. When you have such a big language goal, the first step is reaching the right level to pass the exam. Many students approach a language […]

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Video Tutorial: How To Order In A Restaurant In Spanish

Do you know how to order in a restaurant in Spanish? Being able to order in a restaurant in Spanish is a great goal, especially if you want to travel to Spain soon. If you know some phrases and the right vocabulary it won’t be too difficult! Let’s watch this useful video tutorial to learn […]

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What Tener Memoria De Pez Means In Spanish

Have you heard someone using the idiom “Tener memoria de pez” in Spanish? If you are keen on learning funny Spanish idioms, Tener memoria de pez is definitely a great one! Idioms are an amazing way to express something in a meaningful way. During our courses we always introduce some important idiomatic expressions as we […]