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What Echar Leña Al Fuego Means In Spanish

Do you know the Spanish idiom “Echar leña al fuego”? “Echar leña al fuego” is a common Spanish expression you might have heard many times. As usual, Spanish idioms are often more effective than any other explanations. So if you use this idiom you can communicate what you mean in a straightforward way, without need of many […]

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Start A Spanish Elementary 1 Course From January

Do you want to start Spanish language classes in London from January? After the Christmas break, we will be waiting for you for our Spanish language classes in London! All our courses will restart from the last week of January 2020. If you are not sure about the course you should choose, that’s not a […]

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Discover Our Spanish Beginner 3 Course From January

If you want to learn Spanish in London, we have the right solution for you! Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced learner, you can learn Spanish in London at Happy Languages. We have a range of courses for any levels! Have you already studied Spanish for around 30 hours? You can go […]

Spanish language courses in london

Spanish Beginner 2 Course From January

Ready for our new Spanish language courses in London? The next term Spanish language courses in London will start in January! As usual, we have many different levels for you to choose the perfect course. Not sure about your level in Italian? We suggest you to contact us before registering so that we will be […]

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple – Video Tutorial

Have you studied Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple in Spanish? Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple are important intermediate grammar topics. It is very important to focus on the difference between them in order to be able to express different past actions. Let’s watch this nice video tutorial!  Let’s see the uses of Imperfecto. First of […]

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Spanish GCSE: Start Your Preparation

Preparing the GCSE and searching Spanish courses in London by experts? At Happy Languages we do offer one-to-one Spanish courses in London by experts for GCSE preparation. The GCSE exam consists of 3 papers and covers all four language skills. It means that candidates have to be trained for listening, reading, writing and speaking tasks. Let’s […]

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First Lesson Spanish Elementary 3 Course

Our long term Spanish classes in London started last week! The Elementary 3 long term Spanish classes in London takes place on Monday. For the first class teachers always plan a revision of some contents previously learnt. It is good to go through them and practice after a break! After the initial revision, the course […]

Masculine and Feminine in Spanish

Video Tutorial: Masculine And Feminine in Spanish

Have you gone through Masculine and Feminine in Spanish? If you are struggling with Masculine and feminine in Spanish, this nice video tutorial will help you. As in other languages, in Spanish nouns have a gender. So objects are considered masculine or feminine and that determines the endings of the nouns. Therefore, depending on the endings you […]

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Discover Our September Spanish Crash Course

Curious about our short term Spanish classes in London? We often hold Short term Spanish classes in London! Next weekend there is something that might be of interest to you: our Spanish Crash Course. It’s a very intensive course for Total Beginner students that lasts for 8 hours only, 4 on Saturday and 4 on […]

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Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up London 12th October 2019

  Looking for a nice Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up in London? Our lovely free Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up in London will take place on October 12th! Join us at Obicà in St.Paul’s from 4pm to 6pm. Obicà is an excellent Italian bar and restaurant in London. One of their venues is in […]