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A Level Spanish Preparation

Spanish courses in London by experts for A Level are available at Happy Languages! Spanish courses in London by experts to prepare the A Level exam are planned on a one to one basis. As the exam preparation is very specific, first of all one of our teachers will assess your level and consider the […]

spanish idiom

What Poner El Dedo En La Llaga Means In Spanish

What do we mean if we use the idiom Poner el dedo en la llaga? Poner el dedo en la llaga is quite an easy Spanish idiomatic expression to understand. Unlike many others, if we translate it word by word its meaning becomes clear. Literally it means “to put the finger on the wound”. You […]

Spanish course in less amount

Discover Our New Deal: Svana Yoga Studio

Take you Spanish course in less amount at Happy Languages! A Spanish course in less amount is now possible thanks to our amazing Member Card. Once you enrol in a course, you get your personal Happy Languages Member Card. How does it work? If you take it with you, you can get amazing discounts in a […]

Spanish classes with less fees

Discover Our Deals: Mesón Callejón

Looking for Spanish classes with less fees? Spanish classes with less fees are not only a dream. At Happy Languages we always try to make our students save money! Do you know all the advantages of the Happy Languages Member Card? Well, it is really great! All our students get their Member Card and can use […]

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Our Spanish Intermediate Courses From September

Long term Spanish classes in London are waiting for you! If you want to take long term Spanish classes in London at Intermediate level, we have different options for you. Depending of how long you have studied for and the contents you learnt, you can choose among three courses. At Happy Languages, the Intermediate level […]

Short term spanish classes in london

Our September Spanish Conversation Class

Curious about our short term Spanish classes in London? We do offer short term Spanish classes in London for different needs. If you aim to speak Spanish and improve your conversation skills, our Conversation Class is what you need. It is always good to make some time to practice the language you are studying. Either […]

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HAPPYforward: Step 3

Looking for Italian and Spanish language courses in London close to your workplace? We understand that taking language courses in London far from work or home is really hard. In the last four years we have been in the City, a very strategic area. Our courses have taken place at the Aldgate Tower for 4 years […]

Spanish course in less amount

Spanish Beginner Course: How To Save Money

Looking for a Spanish Course in less amount? At Happy Languages we do offer a Beginner 1 Spanish Course in less amount. We are keen to meet our students’ expectations. This is why our prices are always kept low and incredibly competitive on the London market. If you enrol in a Beginner 1 Spanish Evening […]

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My Happy Gadget Contest – Spanish

Looking for Spanish classes with minimum fee? At Happy Languages Spanish classes with minimum fee are the reality. On top of our competitive prices for group and one-to-one lessons, we have a new amazing contest for you! We always try to make you feel part of the family! This time we really wanted to give […]

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Video Tutorial : Asking Questions In Spanish

Asking questions in Spanish is essential for the everyday conversation. As in other languages, asking questions in Spanish is different from English. So it is important to learn how to ask questions and have a look at the structure of the sentence. First of all, some words to start a question are really important! Watching […]