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What No Pegar Ojo Means In Spanish

“No pegar ojo” is a lovely Spanish idiom: do you know it? We do love Spanish idiomatic expressions and “no pegar ojo” is a really lovely one! When you learn a language, one of the most difficult things to go through are idioms: sometimes the meaning is really hard to catch if you just translate […]

spanish idiom

What Cuando Se Cierra Una Puerta, Se Abre Una Ventana Means In Spanish

Have you ever heard the Spanish idiom starting with “cuando se cierra una puerta…“? “Cuando se cierra una puerta, se abre una ventana” is the complete form of this lovely idiomatic expression you might know. As for many others, we need a bit of imagination to understand the hidden meaning, but this is why idioms […]

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Top 5 Spanish Food Channels On Youtube

Do you enjoy watching some Spanish food channels on Youtube? On Youtube you can find amazing Spanish food channels to learn how to make fantastic recipes: a nice way to improve your cooking skills! Either if you look for videos in English or in Spanish, there are plenty of options you can browse through in […]