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Discover Our Online One-to-One Spanish Lessons

Ready for your One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London? Even during the quarantine, our One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London carry on! Since the emergency started, we moved all our lessons on the online platform Zoom. Therefore it si very easy to take some individual lessons while you are at home! How do they work? Online one-to-one […]

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Get Ready For Spanish DELE C2 Preparation

Looking for a Spanish tutor in London to prepare your DELE C2 exam? Planning some lessons with a Spanish tutor in London is definitely the best idea to prepare your DELE C2 exam. As you probably know, C2 is the highest level of competence in a foreign language. It is considered as “mastery” and is […]

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How To Get Ready For Spanish DELE B1 Exam

If you want to take the Spanish DELE B1 certification, taking Spanish tuitions in London is a great choice! Spanish tuitions in London can be easily arranged and tailored on your needs. That is why we strongly suggest to choose this option when it comes to preparing a specific exam. Group courses are definitely useful […]

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Let’s Take A Spanish Language Certificate: DELE A1

Looking for Spanish language classes in London to prepare your DELE A1 Exam? We offer individual Spanish language classes in London for exam’s preparation. Nowadays gaining a language certification is a plus. It can be useful for your career or as a personal goal to achieve: either way it is worth studying towards an exam […]

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Which Type Of Spanish One-To-One Lessons Should You Take?

Interested in taking Spanish tuitions in London? We offer different types of Spanish tuitions in London depending on your needs. You can choose one-to-one or intensive one-to-one lessons. What is the difference between them? One-to-one lessons are individual classes of 60, 90 or 120 minutes that you can buy in blocks of 5, 10 or […]