order in a restaurant in spanish

Video Tutorial: How To Order In A Restaurant In Spanish

Do you know how to order in a restaurant in Spanish? Being able to order in a restaurant in Spanish is a great goal, especially if you want to travel to Spain soon. If you know some phrases and the right vocabulary it won’t be too difficult! Let’s watch this useful video tutorial to learn […]

shopping in Spanish

Video Tutorial – Shopping In Spanish

How to go shopping in Spanish? Going shopping in Spanish is a huge goal. This video tutorial is exactly what you need to go through some useful phrases! When you go in a shop, the staff can ask: ¿Qué desea? –> What do you want? ¿Qué busca? –> What are you looking for? We can […]

Presente and Estar Mas Gerundio

Video Tutorial: Presente And Estar Mas Gerundio In Spanish

What is the difference between Presente and Estar Mas Gerundio in Spanish? The uses of Presente and Estar Mas Gerundio are not the same. It is useful to go through them separately and understand what each of them expresses. Watch this nice video tutorial to learn this difference!  First of all, let’s see the […]

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple – Video Tutorial

Have you studied Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple in Spanish? Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple are important intermediate grammar topics. It is very important to focus on the difference between them in order to be able to express different past actions. Let’s watch this nice video tutorial!  Let’s see the uses of Imperfecto. First of […]

Masculine and Feminine in Spanish

Video Tutorial: Masculine And Feminine in Spanish

Have you gone through Masculine and Feminine in Spanish? If you are struggling with Masculine and feminine in Spanish, this nice video tutorial will help you. As in other languages, in Spanish nouns have a gender. So objects are considered masculine or feminine and that determines the endings of the nouns. Therefore, depending on the endings you […]

Pub Essentials In Spanish

Video Tutorial: Pub Essentials In Spanish

It is always good to learn some pub essentials in Spanish! If you learn some pub essentials in Spanish, it will be beneficial to enjoy your time in Spain. Going to a pub is one of the real life situations you can experience. In particular, if you can interact in a daily situation using the […]

asking questions in spanish

Video Tutorial : Asking Questions In Spanish

Asking questions in Spanish is essential for the everyday conversation. As in other languages, asking questions in Spanish is different from English. So it is important to learn how to ask questions and have a look at the structure of the sentence. First of all, some words to start a question are really important! Watching […]

Uses of Tú and Usted

Video Tutorial – Uses Of Tú and Usted

Struggling with the different uses of Tú and Usted in Spanish? At first the uses of Tú and Usted might be confusing. The reason why they are tricky is that both mean “you”. Choosing Tú or Usted depends on the formality of the situation. It is very important to distinguish between them in order to use them correctly. This […]

some spanish vocabulary

Video Tutorial: Some Spanish Vocabulary

Do you enjoy learning some Spanish vocabulary? During your Spanish language course, it is always good to study some Spanish vocabulary. Sometimes it might be difficult to figure out how to expand your vocabulary and learn new words. Where shall you start from? Well, the best way to focus on vocabulary is trying to learn […]

Uses of Por and Para

Spanish Video Tutorial: Uses Of Por And Para

Do you know the uses of Por and Para in Spanish? The uses of Por and Para might be tricky as both words translate the English “for”. However, Por and Para are used in a different way depending on the meaning of the sentence. There are quite a lot of uses to go through. This […]