Spanish for business

Let’s Start Learning Business Spanish

Do you need to study Spanish for business? Nowadays more and more professionals need to study Spanish for business. A huge number of companies have regular contacts with Spanish speaking countries for business. Sometimes big companies have offices in countries where Spanish is the official language and employees travel quite often. So, even though English […]

Short term spanish classes in london

Our September Spanish Conversation Class

Curious about our short term Spanish classes in London? We do offer short term Spanish classes in London for different needs. If you aim to speak Spanish and improve your conversation skills, our Conversation Class is what you need. It is always good to make some time to practice the language you are studying. Either […]

spanish idiom

What Ser Del AΓ±o De La Pera Means in Spanish

How would you say in your language if something is very old or outdated? The perfect Spanish idiomatic expression would be “Ser Del AΓ±o De La Pera” (literally “to be from the year of the pear“): it is very common also to say that someone lived or that something happened a long time ago. This […]