how to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2022 in London

Let’s Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2022 In London

How are you going to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2022 in London? This year St Patrick’s Day 2022 in London will be amazing: a lot of events to join and so much fun! If you are not familiar with this important festivity have a look at this article to read more about it. You will […]

how to celebrate St.Patrick's Day 2021

The Best Online Events For St.Patrick’s Day 2021

Ready for St.Patrick’s Day 2021? Despite the lockdown and the current restrictons, St.Patrick’s Day 2021 will be great! It will look different from other years, but still plenty of nice things to do: this amazing celebration of Irish culture all around the world will take place in alternative ways. Virtual events are replacing the usual […]

st.patrick's day

Let’s Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day

Ready for St.Patrick’s Day? The Irish know how to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day on the 17th March! However, this festivity is quite important in every country with a huge Irish community. In many cities around the world you will see groups of people wearing green clothing and hats, since in Ireland green is the national colour. […]