liberation day

Italy’s Liberation Day: How Italians Celebrate the 25th April

What’s the Liberation Day celebrated in Italy on the 25th April? The 25th April is an important date in Italy: it is the Liberation Day, which means the Anniversary of the Liberation, an Italian public holiday celebrated all over the country to commemorate the end of the nazi occupation of Italy on the 25th April […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What A Caval Donato Non Si Guarda In Bocca Means In Italian

A caval donato non si guarda in bocca! No idea about what “A caval donato non si guarda in bocca” means in Italian? It is not as difficult as you might think! You should definitely learn this lovely Italian idiomatic expression: Italians use it a lot, so it happens to hear it often. When do […]

italian lessons for beginners

Italian Lessons For Beginners: Studying in South West London

Do you want to take your Italian lessons for Beginners in your area? If you don’t have time to travel and prefer to have Italian lessons for Beginners at your home, office or in a cosy public place, our teachers will be happy to come wherever you want! We understand that sometimes is hard to […]

Italian Articles

Video Tutorial: Italian Articles

Are you struggling with Italian Articles? Don’t worry, Italian Articles are a topic you need to digest before feeling confident with it. If you just studied them, you probably realised that in Italian there are far more articles than in English. Also, there are languages that don’t have articles at all! That is why you […]

apps to learn italian

Top Ten Apps to Learn Italian

Learning a language nowadays can be incredibly easy and funny: have you ever tried using one of the fantastic apps to learn Italian that you can download directly on your smartphone? They are all incredibly engaging, but let’s see the most popular ones! Duolingo: great to focus on vocabulary and structure choosing a daily goal […]

listening skills

Top Resources to Improve Your Listening Skills in Italian

Are you wondering how to improve your listening skills in Italian? Well, nowadays there are amazing resources to develop your listening skills. Let’s have a look at some useful tools and how to use them in an effective way! Podcasts. Have you ever listened to nice podcasts on the way to work? They are a […]

cils exam

CILS Exam C1 and C2 – Getting Ready for the Speaking Section

The CILS certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena is definitely one of the most valued in the world. See more about the exam here. The CILS exam C1 and C2 are the most challenging levels to take and they require a structured preparation. Probably you agree with me if I say that […]

cils exam

CILS Exam A1 and A2 – How to Get Ready for the Grammar Section

The CILS exam, released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, is recognised worldwide to certify the Italian language level of competence. Get more information about it reading this article. One of the most scaring exam’s sections is definitely the one focused on the Italian grammar, called “Analisi delle strutture della comunicazione” (Analysis of the structures of […]

teaching italian

Teaching Italian in China

Italian is not one of the most spoken language in the world. Nevertheless it is one of the most popular and famous. A lot of people in several countries decide to approach the Italian culture and…guess what? Once they do it they just fall in love with it. Talking about far countries, even though the […]