one year of online lessons

Live Streaming: One Year Of Online Lessons – 2nd April 6.00pm

How has this year of online lessons gone? After a year of online lessons, on 2 April at 6pm (UK time) we will do a live streaming on our Facebook and Youtube pages to talk about how it’s gone. At first, moving lessons online in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been really […]

language teaching

Space Management in Language Teaching

In modern language teaching one of the most important aspects is the space management. Space management is not only related with the simple arrangement of the students (in a semicircle, small groups), but also to the way the students occupy the space during our activities: this is why teachers have to consider it as an […]

students talking time

Students Talking Time

What is the students talking time? In order to understand the students talking time, we need to start from a simple question: why do we study a foreign language? There is a million answer to this question but in the end the main reason is always the same: we want to speak with people from […]

social networks and languages

How to Use Social Networks in Teaching

Social networks are increasingly becoming an important and powerful mean of mass communication. The use of social networks allows free circulation of ideas and information at all levels. A phenomenon whose potential and perspective are constantly expanding and updating, and whose characteristic feature is a structure based on participation and collaboration between users. The presence […]

what teaching a second language means

Teaching a Second Language

What does teaching a second language mean? Teaching a second language is one of the most exciting experiences that a person can live during his/her life. Bringing people and culture together, spreading your own language abroad or to foreigners in your country makes you a different person. First of all you have to fall in […]

what mutual intelligibility means

Mutual Intelligibility

Have you ever heard what mutual intelligibility is? Is it possible to read Italian, Spanish or Portuguese news papers if you don’t know these languages? Or to understand the indications received from a Spanish in Madrid or give information to a Romanian in Paris, speaking each one their own language? The answer is yes, it […]

discover the european profiling grid tfor eachers

What is the European Profiling Grid for Teachers?

Do you know what the European Profiling Grid for Teachers is? During one of the teacher trainer courses held by the Università per Stranieri di Siena, among many other topics we discussed the European Profiling Grid for Teachers’evaluation. We came back to our job and we are still focusing on the “eGRID”: training and qualifications, […]

what a bad lesson means

How Can I Know If a Lesson Was a Bad Lesson?

What makes a lesson a bad lesson? A few days ago a teacher asked on a forum how do we know if a lesson is a good or a bad lesson. That’s the typical question we ask each other at the end of the day when we compare our lesson’s content, the material we used, […]

why choosing a native language teacher

Should I Choose a Native Language Teacher?

Would you choose a native language teacher? Native language teachers can be chosen for a number of reasons, but for other reasons some students might prefer not to have a native as a teacher. Language teachers can be divided into two main groups, regardless of the language they teach: the group of native speakers and […]