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Italy’s Liberation Day: How Italians Celebrate the 25th April

What’s the Liberation Day celebrated in Italy on the 25th April? The 25th April is an important date in Italy: it is the Liberation Day, which means the Anniversary of the Liberation, an Italian public holiday celebrated all over the country to commemorate the end of the nazi occupation of Italy on the 25th April […]


Sanremo: The City Of Flowers

What does Sanremo recall to your memory? Sanremo is definitely popular for the Festival di Sanremo, the biggest pop music festival in Italy. But that’s not all! If you have watched the Festival, you might have noticed a lot of flower decorations on the stage. This lovely city in Liguria is also called “la città […]

Costa dei Trabocchi

Discover Costa dei Trabocchi

Costa dei Trabocchi is a lovely destination off the most beaten routes. If you are keen to travel to less touristy areas, Costa dei Trabocchi is the perfect place to go. It is a really magic part of Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy. The Costa dei Trabocchi is a 70km coast that goes from […]


Discover Matera

The City of Rocks, “la Città dei Sassi“: this is how Matera is called. If you look at Matera, you understand why. The ancient city is literally carved in the rock, a beautiful art work originated by the natural caves lately shaped according to the population’s needs. The first settlement dates back to the Paleolithic: […]


Lampedusa: The Italian Southernmost Island

Last trace of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea before the African coasts, Lampedusa is the biggest of the Pelagie Islands, a small archipelago which includes Linosa and Lampione. Some scholars think that its name comes from the greek λέπας (lépas), which means “rock”, because of its rocky landscape, others from λαμπάς (lampás), “torch”, in relation to the […]


The Green Heart Of Italy: Discover Umbria

A little gem in the centre of Italy: Umbria is a region rich of beautiful untouched nature to explore and enchanting villages. Landlocked between Tuscany, Marche and Lazio, the so called “green heart of Italy” is one of the two Italian regions without coastline. Its size allows you to see it all in a short […]

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Isole Tremiti: Discover an Italian Paradise

Five stunning islands surrounded by an incredible blue sea: the Isole Tremiti, also called “the pearls of the Adriatic sea“, are a small archipelago in Puglia, Southern Italy, situated North of the Gargano Peninsula. Used as a destination for political prisoners who were exiled to these islands in the past, nowadays the Isole Tremiti are […]


Discover Lago di Garda

Have you ever been to the stunning Lago di Garda? The Lago di Garda is situated in the North of Italy and is split between three regions, Lombardia, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto. Its strategic position guarantees a mild and temperate climate which makes it a perfect destination all year long. Around the lake you […]


Discover Trapani

Are you heading to Sicily this summer? Trapani is definitely a city you must visit to breathe the incredible history of this land and of its unique cultural blend. According to one of the popular legends about the city, the roman goddess Cerere dropped a scythe which turned into a strip of land in the […]

Discovering Bari

Overlooking the Adriatico see, Bari is the county seat of Puglia, in the deep South of Italy. Bari has always been an important centre for the commerce with the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa: for this reason it has been elected “European gateway” by the EU. In this amazing city takes place the “Fiera del Levante“: in the trade […]