isole egadi

Discover Isole Egadi

Have you ever heard of Isole Egadi in Italy? The Isole Egadi (Egadi Islands) are a small archipelago made of 3 islands and 2 islets in front of the North-Western coast of Sicily. They are only a few miles away from Trapani, where you can easily take a ferry to reach this paradise and spend […]

Valle d'Aosta

Discover Valle d’Aosta

Have you heard about Valle d’Aosta? Valle d’Aosta is the most North-Western Italian region and the smallest in Italy. Popular for its mountains, it is a surprising area where you can spend an amazing time in any season. Perfect if you like skiing, is also amazing in summer, when you can enjoy its incredible nature. […]

Costa dei Trabocchi

Discover Costa dei Trabocchi

Costa dei Trabocchi is a lovely destination off the most beaten routes. If you are keen to travel to less touristy areas, Costa dei Trabocchi is the perfect place to go. It is a really magic part of Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy. The Costa dei Trabocchi is a 70km coast that goes from […]

Ten places to visit in Calabria

Ten Places to Visit in Calabria

Have you got any plans for this summer? What do you think about making an alternative tour and visit Calabria? If you want to visit Calabria, here you have 10 amazing placesย to choose. Letโ€™s start the tour! 1) Morano. If you want to lose your way in the labyrinth of its alleys to reach the […]

discover Morano Calabro in Calabria

Discover Morano: A Enchanting Village In Calabria

Have you been to Morano Calabro? An ancient village surrounded by beautiful nature, away from the stress of daily life and mass tourism: this is Morano Calabro. At the moment travelling is not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but as soon as we will go back to our normal life this is a top […]