some lovely Italian funny phrases

Discover Some Italian Funny Phrases

There are a lot of Italian funny phrases you will love! If you are learning Italian and want to discover ways to say that natives use, you will enjoy some Italian funny phrases that sound very hilarious when translated and give you an insight in some aspects of the Italian culture. Most of the time, […]

read some Italian phrases about life

Let’s Learn Some Italian Phrases About Life

Do you know any Italian phrases about life? There are quite a lot of nice Italian phrases about life that you might have found and liked: lovely inspirational quotes taken from the popular wisdom or written by great authors, actors, poets or film directors. Most phrases are very well known in English and in other […]

Spanish sayings with animals to learn

Learn 5 Spanish Sayings With Animals

Are you passionate about Spanish sayings? There are lots of funny Spanish sayings to learn and use in everyday conversation, one for every situation! Sayings are intertwined with the culture that’s behind a language, so learning them is really interesting to find out more about a country. And the nice thing is that there are […]

Italian sayings with animals

Learn Some Lovely Italian Sayings

There are some Italian sayings that really make the difference! If you are into Italian sayings you know how good they are to express oneself and speak like a native: sometimes it’s hard to catch their meaning and it takes a while to master them but once you’ve learnt their uses you can’t live without […]

spanish idiom

What No Tener Ni Pies Ni Cabeza Means In Spanish

No tener ni pies ni cabeza is a good Spanish idiom to learn! If you hear “No tener ni pies ni cabeza” you might be a bit confused as the meaning is not very straightforward. Sometimes idiomatic expressions need a bit of interpretation: a literal translation is not enough to explain what they really mean. […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Salvarsi In Calcio D’Angolo Means In Italian

Do you know what does Salvarsi in calcio d’angolo mean in Italian? “Salvarsi in calcio d’angolo” is an idiomatic expression often used in the Italian language. As many other idioms, it comes from football. In a country where football is considered the national sport and is followed by millions of people, that’s quite predictable! Therefore […]

spanish idiom

What Encontrar Tu Media Naranja Means In Spanish

“Encontrar tu media naranja” is a lovely Spanish Idiom! If you heard someone usingย “Encontrar tu media naranja“, you are probably wondering about its meaning. Spanish idiomatic expressions are really meaningful and effective. And it is nice to use them in conversation with your Spanish friends! Can you translate this idiom?ย  Literally it means “to find […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Mettere Il Dito Nella Piaga Means In Italian

Non mettere il dito nella piaga! How many times have you heard the Italian idiom “mettere il dito nella piaga“? It is a very common expression Italians use in everyday conversation. Idiomatic expressions are so important in the Italian language! They make what we say more punchy and help us express exactly what we mean. […]

spanish idiom

What Pedir Peras Al Olmo Means In Spanish

“Pedir peras al olmo” is a lovely Spanish idiom, do you know it? If you heard someone using the idiomatic expression “pedir peras al olmo“, you must be very curious about the meaning. The Spanish language is always surprising when it comes to idioms. Sometimes it is very figurative and can express abstract concepts in […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Abbiamo Fatto 30 Facciamo Anche 31 Means In Italian

Abbiamo fatto 30, facciamo anche 31! Have you heard someone saying “Abbiamo fatto 30, facciamo anche 31” in Italian? You must be very curious about the meaning of this nice idiom! Italians use colorful expressions a lot, so learning them is really important to improve your comprehension. Probably if you heard this expression in a […]