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What Tener Un Humor De Perros Means in Spanish

“Tener un humor de perros” is a nice Spanish idiomatic expression which can be literally translated with “to have the mood of dogs” and means “to be in a bad mood“. So when you are having a bad day and you are not very keen to talk, now you know how to discourage people in […]

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What Non Sia Mai Means in Italian

  Have you ever heard someone saying in Italian “Non sia mai!” with a disappointed facial expression? Well, this idiomatic expression is very common and often used to express the strong hope not to do or go through something. Literally, we can translate it as “May it will never happen“. In some cases it can be […]

spanish idiom

What Quedarse de Piedra Means in Spanish

“Quedarse de piedra” is a common Spanish idiomatic expression which literally means “to stay like a stone“, so we could translate it as “to be stunned“. It can be used when someone is so surprised to be unable to react, totally paralyzed. Here you have some examples to see how to use this expression: Spanish […]

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What Chi S’è Visto S’è Visto Means in Italian

Chi s’è visto s’è visto is a common Italian idiomatic expression used to cut a conversation or to show indifference towards something. It could be translated as ” and that was that” or “end of story“, which also works well to understand it. Let’s see some examples! Italian English Se non vuoi venire al cinema vado […]

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What Echar Agua Al Mar Means in Spanish

Have you ever heard someone saying “Echar agua al mar” in Spanish? Well, this is a common idiomatic expression which literally means “Throw water into the sea” and is used in Spain to say that something is pointless, useless, ineffective. Here you have some examples to use it correctly: Spanish English Tratar de convencerla es […]

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Ser Pan Comido Idiomatic Expression

Ser pan comido is a nice Spanish expression which literally it means “to be bread eaten“. Bread is in many Spanish expressions as it has always been an important food in the Spanish daily life, that is why the Spanish refer to it very often. Well, if translated just like this it doesn’t mean much, […]

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What Apriti Cielo Means in Italian

“Apriti cielo!” is an Italian idiomatic expression used to express a strong negative reaction to something very surprising or outrageous. It throws us back to ancient times, when people used to believe in gods and thought that some meteorological phenomena were a clear divine punishment for some human behaviors or events. Probably this is the […]

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Contradictions In The Italian Expressions

Do you enjoy learning Italian expressions? Italian expressions come from the popular wisdom. Just these combinations of a few words can sum up whole stories, legends and centuries of folk belief. That is why they are so important, as heritage of our own culture, and that is why they are so popular and used so […]

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Cities in The Italian Expressions

Do you enjoy some colorful Italian expressions? Italians are very proud of the city they are from and sometimes they joke at other cities using some typical Italian expressions. For example, people from Genova are considered stingy or people from Milan snobbish. There are also expressions used in the everyday language that refer to different cities and have a specific […]

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How many times a day do we use idiomatic expressions while talking? It’s very common to use them since they are quite colourful and help us to be better understood. We use them to express a thought, briefly but vividly. Every language has its own idiomatic expressions according to the characteristics and the habits of […]